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Discover who is connected to your WiFi with this free Android application

Guess intruders on your Wi-Fi network

Both at work and domestic level, it is becoming more and more common to put aside wired classic connections and work in a WiFi environment, providing access to the network to dozens of computers without the need to be located in a single place and with all the advantages that this offers.

But make use of This technology has a higher risk, since if in our company or home we only work with the wired network, so that someone accesses our LAN must be physically within our facilities and connected to the cable, instead if we choose a WiFi solution, If someone gets the access code, it will not be necessary to access our facilities to be within LAN.

That is why today we want to meet Fing, a free application, valid for the Android operating system and downloadable from the Play Store, with which we can make an analysis of who is connected to our network in just a few seconds and in the simplest possible way, thus being able to identify the connected devices as possible intruders.

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<p>The process is very simple, as soon as we open the application <strong>we must click on the Devices option of the lower menu and from there request a network analysis</strong>Once this is done we will see how little by little new devices are added until the list is completed, of course, as long as we are connected to the WiFi itself, as expected.</p>
<p>Within the result that offers us we can see the <strong>name of the device, its physical MAC address, the brand, the model and the IP address of the device, so that it will be much easier to identify the equipment that we will see</strong> In this option and once we have the complete list, the only thing we need is to make a relationship of what we see in Fing against the devices that we know are connected to our network and to know if we have any intruder or not.</p>
<p>As you see, <strong>discovering who is connected to your WiFi network has no complications or cost</strong>, since it is enough to download and run a free application to get all this information in just a few seconds, so we invite you to try it and discover which devices are connected to the same WiFi network to which you are connected, either in the home, in the company or even in a public place or a bar.</p>
<p><strong>Fing | Download from Play Store</strong></p>
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