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Discover how to know everything Microsoft knows about you

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<p>Even if you don't believe it or even if you don't use a Windows phone, <strong>Microsoft records a lot of activity from you</strong>, like Google. This is only for advertising purposes and for other minor purposes, that is, as a general rule they will never use your data against you or for purposes that are not exclusively advertising. They do not have permissions to use your data commercially, for example, so you are calmer.</p><div class=

After the harsh critics in terms of advertising In the new version of its operating system -Windows 10-, Microsoft has put the batteries and has developed a series of functions that allow us to be up to date in terms of privacy. This is how the Redmon company announced this great step:

At Microsoft, we believe that privacy begins when we give you control and provide you with the tools and information you need to make informed decisions. This website is the place where you can manage the privacy settings of the Microsoft services and products you use and where you can view and delete the data that Microsoft saves in the cloud.

A note that we think is interesting to note, and that is Cortana, unlike Google Now, to our surprise, does not collect audios. In the case of Google, we can listen to a history of audios recorded by the Google search application.

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<p>Instead <strong>placements is something that s that records</strong>, and also does very well. So much that I have more locations, and I have never registered this account in any Windows Phone.</p>
<p><strong>Google almost 3 years ago launched a web service where they told us everything they know about us</strong>. From there we can see the search record, the history of locations, our data, and a host of things that should not go unnoticed and that we should all know. It was time for a company as large as Microsoft to develop such a tool to be updated.</p>
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