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Customize the Do not disturb mode as you want and without complications

Smartphones improve communication between people, but not everything is positive: too much communication can be annoying for those of us who use mobile phones every day. Because one thing is the notifications in their right measure and another when they arrive without ton or are, especially at times when silence is more necessary.

Forcing the mobile to not bother is simple: just put it in silence. But that means blocking the ads completely, something you may not feel like depending on what circumstances. That's where the Do not disturb mode, an excellent set of rules that allow you to adjust the absence of notifications to pleasure. Of course, it is not the most comfortable to configure, at least if you do not use applications such as Easy DND.

With Easy DND it is extremely easy to customize the Do not disturb mode just as you want

Customize the Do not disturb mode as you want and without complications

Android has been improving the Do not disturb mode until not only silences and absence of visual warnings can be applied, it is also possible choose the type of notification by app or contact. Easy DND paves the use of all the options making, as its own name dictates, it's easy to configure them.

Just install Easy DND You will see that it offers a highly visual and block-ordered toolset. The drawback is that the application is not yet translated into Spanish, but it's a matter of time: Easy DND still remains in beta, so it has a lot of room for improvement. As it stands today it already offers a multitude of help.

With the app you can apply the settings in the Do not disturb mode you want. You need access to the permission, something logical, but nothing more: Easy DND is a secure and private application. Activate the generic Do not disturb mode, choose whether the alarms will work or not, select the priority orders and adjust them for preferred calls, contacts or contacts … You can even choose different sounds depending on whether the priority is activated or deactivated, such as the audible response to the Touch or message sound.

Customize the Do not disturb mode as you want and without complications

Easy DND It makes it much easier to customize the Do not disturb mode so you don't have to break your head by configuring it. You also won't have to dive into the system: put a shortcut to the application and you'll have all the settings accessible. It is a free app, it lacks ads, it has no in-app purchases and, at least for the moment, it remains in tests. Even so, we recommend it: you are sure to use it a lot.

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