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Chessplode with 2 new rules changes everything in chess

Chessplode isn't that messing up changing the rules, but the game of chess gives a little touch to make games more fun and addictive. And the truth is that he achieves it with a dynamic proposal and a visual style that allows us to get this game into our eyes very well, which for some becomes dense.

The only thing that changes in this chess game for your Android mobile are two rules. One of them is that if you use the queen to kill a bishop, all those chips that are in the same row and column will be eaten, both for one and another player. The following rule below.

Two rules to change everything in chess

The second rule is that if you use the same queen to eat a bishop and whatever, in that row or column is the king of the opposing player, the movement will be like in any game of chess. So we have two rules that change everything in Chessplode to make it a very striking game.


In the first game we will have a welcome screen that ask us if we are chess experts. If so, or at least we have the basic knowledge of castling and more, it will teach us those two rules with two clear examples of what can happen when the king is not involved. The same will happen with the rest of the pieces, so we must be very careful to know how to move.

Another of the peculiarities of Chessplode it is the distribution of the pieces and the repetition of some. We will find that in certain games the horses will be multiple and will occupy the space normally used by pawns. And so we will see it with levels created by other players to have different modes to enjoy with Chessplode.

Chessplode and its complicated games

Chessplode It is not for that casual player who has almost played chess in his life. You have to have some knowledge to move your pieces and start the strategies, since the AI ​​of the machine works quite well. The fun of this game is in that particular way of understanding the exploitation of other pieces, so if you laugh at those two rules in a short time you will become a teacher.


Another of your best options is the multiplayer so you can play With players from all over the world. You make your move and expect that at some point during the days the other player will return the move. You can have several games at once, so do not cut yourself and enjoy against others from Chessplode that is currently in beta.

It is appreciated that the entire tutorial and Everything is in Spanish to make it easier to understand what the game is about, since at first it may be too much to find so many horses in those games that other players have created. We recommend that you start with the basic levels after the tutorial to start getting the game done.

Breaking the rules

Neither are missing the local multiplayer games in which with a mobile You can play against another. It is a way more than perfect for those moments of boredom. You take your cell phone, leave it flat on the table and play like life-long chess, although with all that said.

Chessplode on Android

Technically it is a very nice game in the visual and that is left to play first. Has its effects, emoticons and a fairly minimalist design with different colors to animate the games and make them more pleasant to the naked eye.

Chessploder you have it for free in the Play Store while in beta. We do not know if it will later go to premium or freemium, so we encourage you to try it right away so you can remember how chess was played. A great idea. Do not miss this casual more arcade called ChessFinity.

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  • Editor rating
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  • His 2 rules
  • Good visual style
  • Create your games and play those of others


  • You need to play chess

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