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by bike and bus, among others

Google Maps It is an excellent application ofGPS navigation. And a long time ago since it not only gives us directions by car, but also on foot, by bike or by public transport –among others-. But for users, theproblems they start when they have to be doneCombined trips With these various forms of transport. And finally, Google Maps is preparing themixed paths in which we can combine cycle and public transport, for example.

The‘First and / or last mile’ It is the key in all this. It is possible that even the train goes by electric scooter or bicycle, for example. Then, we will be doing a mixed route in which, for the moment, Google Maps is not able to help us. Right now, users are having to definea journey to make the route by electric scooter or bicycle, for example, and a second route to go by public transport. What, obviously, complicates the use of the application and goes against the experience of use causing errors in some occasions, or delays when making the journey.

Google Maps and the ‘mixed paths’ do you use various forms of transportation on your trips?

To take advantage of this feature we will have it easy. We only have to write our destiny, as always, but then we will have to go to the Indications button –or how to get- and, at the bottom, we will find the possibility of making the mixed path. That is, with more than one form of transport. Thus the duration of the journey and the rest of the information will be adapted exactly to the way in which we will make our journey. And we can also see the data on traffic on our way, or information regarding the departure of our buses or train, among others.

Likewise, the information related to the circulation by bicycle adapts perfectly to the needs of cyclists. As for the availability of this feature, be initially available in 30 countries worldwide, butGoogle Maps Add new locations progressively. It is a new feature not only for users ofAndroid, but also for the iPhone. And if you do not have it available, be a matter of just a few days that reaches your smart phone.

For this update of its functions, the Mountain View company has once again taken into account that in cities the use of the car is falling significantly. Electric scooters, public transport and bicycles are gaining prominence for what, as we said before, is called the Milla last mile ’.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps - Navigation and public transport

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