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Bose enters the world of sunglasses with augmented reality

bose the frames glasses augmented reality glasses ar

The Bose brand has an unquestionable place in the quality audio market, and has long been known for its unusual headphone experiments. But not even its most dedicated fans would have imagined that the company would begin to produce for the general market its concept of sunglasses with built-in headphones, which include wearable augmented reality technology, which was announced as a simple idea earlier this year. .

However, that is exactly what happened. Bose, the company best known for its high-end noise cancellation headphones and boomboxes that fill any room with a booming and booming sound, is entering the world of augmented reality lenses (AR for its English sigls).

Under the name of The Frames, this combination of headphones and sunglasses present a patented augmented reality interface that, according to the company, is the world's first audio-based AR platform. Unlike products like Google Glass and similar ones, that means that there will not be a visual interface for the AR functions in the glasses, but that they will only work based on sound.

bose the frames lenses augmented reality 720x720According to what was released, the frames of these glasses will have sensors that can indicate in which direction you are, provide audio information about locations and trivia, and add effects if you are playing a game. Details on how to operate all this technology will be revealed during the South by Southwest conference in March 2019, where Bose will launch its new AR proposal to the public.

"Bose Frames are revolutionary and practical," said Mehul Trivedi, director of Bose Frames, in a press release. They look and act like classic sunglasses, until you turn them on. And then you are connected to your phone, contacts, the web and all its audible content, just as you will with any hearing aid. There is nothing like them, they are a great advance that you must see, use, and listen to believe. ?

We know a little about the hardware inside the Ray-Ban glasses, which will come in both the square Wayfarer style and the round frames of Snapchat Spectacle. The Frames will be enabled for Google Assistant and Siri, and will have a battery that will last 3.5 hours of wireless playback, which will vary according to the volume you use. They will also have up to 12 hours of waiting time for when you do not want to take advantage of their technology functions and would prefer to use them only as regular sunglasses for sunscreen.

Perhaps the most interesting is the price. In a decision that may bode well for its adoption in the mass market, The Frames will cost around $ 200 dollars. This is quite reasonable, especially compared to other high-end sunglasses and AR hardware that, individually, cost much more.

If you are interested, you can already place an advance order from this week on its official site, and the company says they will begin shipping in January 2019.

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