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Beam get to the Xbox Insider Beta ring this week Updated

Cover page Beam arrive at the Xbox Insider Beta Ring this week

The Xbox team is working hard to bring Beam to the Microsoft Xbox One console. The application was already launched last week in the Preview Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program, and it seems that this week will reach the Beta channel.

In case you didn't know, Beam is a live video game streaming serviceI bought Microsoft last August. From that moment, the company confirmed that the service will be integrated into Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles. At this time, Beam is now available in its preliminary version for Xbox Insider members, with the integrated streaming function.

Now, Brad Rossetti, one of the Xbox Insider team members, has said on his Twitter account that the current plan is to offer Beam to Beta channel users this week, although this depends on whether they manage to solve a problem with the Multiplayer that is tormenting the users of the Alpha ring:

The Beam streaming application is just one of the multiple functions and changes that will arrive on Xbox One with the future Creators Update update, although that is one of the most important developments.

After passing through the Beta channel, the Beam application will continue its travels through the last two test rings, called Preview Rings 3 and 4, before its final release scheduled for this spring.

Although you are not in the Xbox Insider program, you can enjoy Beam in the coming months.

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