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Augmented reality comes to Google Maps for Android

Google Maps is one of the most used products of the company. It has become not only an almost worldwide GPS but also a new way to discover new places thanks to the files of the premises.

We might think that there is not much room for maneuver when it comes to showing what a plan looks like, beyond if we use photos or vector drawings, but Google has wanted to take GPS guidance to another level.

We already knew that he was working on a function for his navigation service that would use augmented reality to indicate where we have to move, and now this option is becoming available.

Using the camera and virtual elements

For now this new interface appears only to those users who are in the beta of the application or who have a Pixel. When we choose a walking route Google Maps it will give us the possibility of guiding ourselves with augmented reality, by pressing a button.

If we do this, the camera interface will open, which will indicate that we must put the phone vertically, pointing to the front. In the lower area we have the plane inclined with the blue arrow and in the upper part other arrows shown in augmented reality.

If we lower the mobile the interface will return to normal because the system understands that we are not looking through the camera. In addition, if we reach a street or a zebra crossing the app will show us a warning to look forward, as a security measure.

Still in beta

Augmented reality comes to Google Maps for Android

This new function is in the testing phase and is especially useful in cities with a current urban planning. We have used this option in historic neighborhoods and there it is almost unusable because the street crossing warning is almost constant.

It is expected that in the coming weeks the test phase will open for everyone and then reach the stable version.

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