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Apps to take 360 ​​degree photos with any cell phone easily

If you are fond of photography and want to go beyond classic photos, try the technology that allows you to take spherical images of 360 degrees. With this type of photos a scene is observed in all directions from a single point of view. There are many apps to take 360 ​​degree photos with your cell phone or tablet, that's why we have selected the ones you liked the most. With standard panmorics, it spins around the axis itself, but the upper and lower parts are not included. When you take a 360 degree spherical image, you capture each point around you in all directions, from side to side and from top to bottom. Sometimes 360-degree images are called 3D or VR, although with 3D, the camera also captures depth information, which is used to create 3D models that allow you to move around environments. As you can see 360-degree images and spherical panoramas through VR lenses, from Google Cardboards to HTC Live Pro, referring to them as VR is not too much. These 360-degree images also look like panoramas in which you simply rotate the phone around you or slide your finger across the touch screen to see an almost immersive scene.

apps to take 360 ​​degree photos

Before the iPhone, the only way to capture a spherical panorama was to use a special camera designed for that task and use sewing software to join several shots, and it can still be done. But today's photographic applications not only allow you to record images, videos and 360-degree panoramas, but also share them instantly privately or through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. These are some of the best 360 degree camera applications available for iOS and Android.


When you're in the middle of nowhere and you need to show the world what it is like, the free Google Street View app allows you with its integrated 360-degree camera. The application is a viewer that allows you to see 360-degree panoramas of photographers from around the world, but the best thing is that you can create your own spherical images to share on Google Maps. Create 360-degree photos with your phone's camera (or a certified Street View Ready camera), then place them and add connections on the map with the Street View application. You just have to choose the camera and the interface will guide you through the series of recommended shots to create your panorama. Then, using the application's built-in GPS, you can precisely locate your exact location. You will have to upload them with Wi-Fi, so if you are not in a place with a hotspot or at home, your images will remain private until you can upload them.



With your iPhone or your Android phone, Panorama 360 allows you to capture the views around you. The application creates shots quickly and allows you to see in your own 360 degree viewfinder. It is compatible with Google Street View photos and iPhone screens, and includes automatic geographical tagging. After reviewing your photo, you can upload your reports to share with your friends and family or insert them into your website or blog. You can also upload images directly to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The application also connects you with other users to share your collections and you can view panoramas through a 3D viewer or as flat images. The $ 3 dollar paid version gives you a high definition option for high resolution panoramas.



apps to take 360 ​​degree photos

With Google’s free cardboard camera, you can capture and share 3D VR photos designed for viewing on the Google Cardboard App and compatible lenses. It is extremely easy to use; you just have to open the application and, in the lower right, touch Take photo and then touch Record. With your arms extended, hold the device in a vertical mode and move slowly in a circle to the left or right. The camera stops recording automatically when you complete a 360 degree turn. Then, tap Done. That is all. These photos offer a more precise perspective of distance and objects, so that nearby objects really look close and farther objects maintain a realistic and proportional distance. To check the VR result of the application, place the phone in a Google Cardboard viewer.



apps to take 360 ​​degree photos

The Panorama 360 application for iOS only transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a 360-degree camera. Using it involves moving the camera and observing how images are assembled and sutured quickly. Each panoramic is marked with GPS. You can share your immersive 360-degree views with whoever you want because the panoramas can be seen literally anywhere: on a computer or device without the need for an application. You can also share your 360-degree images on Facebook, through Twitter or email, or store them in a photo album, directly from the application.



apps to take 360 ​​degree photos

Photaf, an exclusive application for Android, is often marketed among real estate professionals because it allows you to easily create seamless 360-degree panoramic photographs using the camera's orientation sensor to detect the exact angle of each image. The application includes the creation of 360-degree panoramas, automatic image creation and Facebook sharing. You just have to start the application and start moving the phone to see the full panoramic view using the phone's compass or the touch screen. The Pro version costs $ 4 dollars and allows you to upload images to the company's website and view them from your computer. It also offers HD and live wallpaper creations, and does not contain advertising.



FOV, a free iOS application formerly known as Photonomie, allows you to take interactive images quickly by moving your phone in all directions to take a guided sequence. The company has implemented the Wide Color screen, which offers a deeper color representation for image enhancement. You can create a FOV image anywhere, with native sewing, without internet connection. When you are back online, you can share your image through iMessages, Messenger, WhatsApp or on Facebook.