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[APPnlisis iPadizate!] SERPS, KeyWords Positioning Tool for iPad

SERPS is a iPad application which enables analyze a URL and Keywords (or keywords) with which position on Google.

Serps, KeyWords Positioning Tool for iPad

Continuing with our Ethnic Applications that help us optimize the SEO of our web projects (and some SEM as well) through our iPad, today we comment on the one that I like the most for several reasons:SERPS


The great advantage of SERPS is its amazing simplicity and concretion. Indicate the url you want to analyze, indicate the KeyWord with which you want to see in which Google position it appears and Serps shows it to you, It's as simple as that. Very useful if you are looking for the relevance of certain KeyWords to make your ads, or justify certain SEO work in relation to KeyWord with positioning of a specific website, and all with the mobility that our dear tablet allows.

The way to show the Information is with specific keyword ranking reports with the url we select.

The data shown, in addition, are stored on our iPad or iPhone.

Be sure to try it on your web projects, it is available in the App Store for free.

Download App Store | Serps

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