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[APPnlisis iPadizate!] BeejiveIM for iPad

Stay connected with your contacts from your different Messenger accounts, Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger, Myspace, ICQ and some more from your iPad.

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BeejiveIM features:

You can chat with friends from different accounts at the same time.
 Vertical / Horizontal Orientation.
Supports external keyboards.
Supports hyperlinks.
 Push Notifications
 You can send images.
Manage lists

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<p><strong>BeejiveIM </strong>is already available in the <strong>App Store</strong> At a price of <strong>7.99.</strong></p>
<p><em>What app do you use to stay in touch with your friends? Will you buy BeejiveIM?</em></p>
<p>Download App Store | BeejiveIM</p>
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