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Apple, this is the perfect iPhone we want to see

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The drums of war sound in the distance: we approach dangerously September, the end of the summer and vacations for many, the beginning of the course, but as far as we are concerned, the announcement of the new iPhone. Apple is still relentless in the fulfillment of its times and it plays inexcusably keynote, a tradition that has not been missing since the launch of its first phone. And, as is the tradition, the long-awaited day arrives and then the distribution of opinions: impressive, disappointing … but the iPhone is still the reference terminal.

But on this occasion we propose something different: far from waiting to see what Cupertino's are waiting for us, we will play to be demigods and set up a dream super-iPhone, although there will also be different criteria. Apple, this is the iPhone you should make.

USB-C port for everyone

MacBook charging cable

It is true that for those of us with an iPhone from the first models, the Lightning experience was frankly good, but this port did not stop owning and, as we acquire more equipment, traveling with a single charging and synchronization cable seems a I dream Apple has finally initiated this transition and towards a port, the USB-C, which can be considered as universal. Both the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro have already started this journey and the iPhone 11 of our dreams must accompany them.

Infinite screen

Galaxy Note 10 Plus +Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Apple seems to fight against itself when designing the successive developments of the iPhone: the new models do not undergo radical changes and this is one of the main strengths of the brand, since the transition from one model to another is not traumatic. But it is also a weak point for those who want new experiences and a new phone sensation in their pockets. In this sense, one of the big changes that will be appreciated will be the incorporation of an “infinite” screen (yes, we are thinking of you, Samsung) with the consequent elimination of frames in the terminal. It will be an improvement that users would appreciate and the experience of using the terminal will be much higher, having more screen surface in the same body.

Charge, please, also the AirPods

airpodsBill Roberson / Digital Trends

Actually, you don't know what a function needs until you don't have it and something like that is what happened to me with the wireless charging on the AirPods: from the bah, what do I want this for when I can't live without it, just seven days have passed. And now we want to go one step further: this form of loading being so convenient… why not take it everywhere? The reverse wireless charging seems a simply great idea for when we are working in a cafe and we can place the AirPods chest on the iPhone and charge it, an absolute and unbeatable gain that we would love to see on the iPhone of dreams.

Siri, let us love you

This is how you can disable Siri on iPhone and iPad

The great manufacturer of Cupertino always resists some products and technologies, but he manages to make them incredible. It is clear that this moment has not yet arrived with Siri, that necessary assistant who is still determined that we do not want him too much. This assistant, although it has improved a lot, continues to fail, being too dependent on the network and, in short, punished by our part to eminently mundane functions: alarm clock, timer … Unfortunately, competition has shown that this type of products can understand us much better (Alexa, Google and even Cortana, are examples of this). For the perfect iPhone we want a relentless Siri that achieves that we can perform a good part of its functions without touching it.

Why not 5G?

All right, those who argue that we are not yet ready for 5G, that it is still very soon and that the coverage is in very primitive phases, are right. However, those of us who live in a city that already has 5G in many areas, would love to have at least the possibility of enjoying this connection. Everything seems to indicate that Apple, always very cautious when adopting new technologies, does not seem willing to take that leap yet, and we will not criticize it for that, but, hey, how great will be an iPhone 5G….

An “always on” screen for notifications

wireless cell phone chargers

How many times have you seen yourself at the juncture of touching the screen of your iPhone to see the time or if there are new notifications? In my case, I do not keep the account but they are more than I would like to admit. In these cases, I would love to have an “always on” screen, which taking advantage of the limited consumption of OLED screens could inform us at a glance of the time, date, temperature and pending notifications. It is possible that Apple has not incorporated this function for fear of sacrificing battery life, but the truth is that the latest models already offer a generous duration that will allow it.

We leave something in the inkwell? The good news is that there is less to know and we will continue from here everything that happens in the keynote. Don't go too far …

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