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Apple repair the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 screens

Apple Watch series 3

Apple has acknowledged that some of its Apple Watch have a factory defect and that under very rare circumstances a crack may form along the rounded edge, explains the signature on its support page. Specifically, the company refers to the Apple Watch models of aluminum Series 2 or 3. As, to compensate for possible breakages, the company has enabled a service to replace the screens of the affected models for free.

In the Apple statement, the firm explains to users how to recognize this flaw, which can be done even visually. The crack can start on one side and then continue around the screen, as shown in the images, it clarifies.

So that no one has any doubt about whether your watch could be among the defective ones, Apple describes the exact models that fall within the repair program in the following table, where the different models are seen, as well as the size of the box , the colors, materials and on what dates they were sold:

Apple watch

How to ask to have your Apple Watch repaired?

If you are among users with watches that present this type of break on the screen you can go to fix it through three ways. First, through an authorized Apple service provider. Another possibility is to make an appointment at an official Apple store. And finally, you can also contact Apple technical support to arrange a mail-order service through the Apple Repair Center.

Regardless of the option you choose, the device will be fixed at an official repair center, and Apple ensures that the repaired watch will be returned within five days. However, if the break is due to a blow caused by the user, forget that the repair is free, since the company may add a cost not included. For more information, you can visit the official Apple customer service page.

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