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Apple Music for Android already has Chromecast support

Apple Music is Apple's music service, which competes against the quintessential music service, Spotify. And of course, other services like Deezer or even Soundcloud. At first it was only for devices of the bitten apple, but it didn't take long to get to Android due to its popularity, and now, finally,Chromecast support arrives.

If you are a Chromecast user, you already know that many times you may have problems because some of the famous multimedia content consumption services such asAmazon Prime Videoor, so far,Apple Music,Do not have official support for this Google device. In addition to problems that have been giving some apps with support such as HBO.

apple music chromecast

Apple Music for Chromecast

It was a problem for many Apple Music users not being able to play your music in the room (or wherever you have your TV) through your Chromecast. That made it difficult to listen to it with audio equipment connected to the TV, better audio than with the phone or one of Google's speakers, which work with similar technologies.

But now, in the versionApple Music v3.0.0 Not only will it have support for Chromecast, but also 100,000 radio stations will be added.

apple music chromecast 3

These developments, both support for Chromecast and new radio stations can make you opt more for Apple Music than for Spotify or other services, because you do not need a second application such as TuneIn (app where radios take out Apple itself Music) or other apps to listen to the radio on Android.

And it is that especially in payment services, it is important that the end customer, that is, we, the users. Have the maximum number of facilities when using the service, and it seems that Apple has made an acceleration to give new features with Apple Music on Android.

You can now try this new version in the new beta of Apple Music. If you are not part of it you can apply for the beta for the Play Store. Of course you will have to have the service, and you can already play on Chromecast and also listen to the 100,000 radio stations that the Cupertino company has put into its music application.

What do you think? Do you think Chromecast support will make more users opt for this service? Or will the 100,000 radios be what they will do?

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