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Android Q Beta 6 available: update news

As expected, theWhat's new in Android Q Beta 6 They are really few, compared to previous versions. For this latest update prior to the release of the final version, the Mountain View company has focused on improving theperformance and thestability of your software Obviously, the news we already know, such as thedark mode, the new gesture system or theInterfaceadapted for smart phones with folding design format. Also news about biometric security, connectivity with IoT devices and the multimedia system.

The latest Android Q beta is now available how to install on a Google Pixel?

All theGoogle Pixel from the first to the third generation of the family they have already available to install, directly, this update toAndroid Q Beta 6. Users who have already subscribed to the beta version program will receive it automatically in the form of OTA, or they can check the updates manually. This is done by accessing the native application ofSettings and clicking on the Check for updates button. After a quick search, the option to apply the update toAndroid Q Beta 6, which has just been deployed to all users.

In the case of users who were not registered in the beta program, the procedure is different. You have to access the Android Beta website, then move to the list of compatible devices and, once there, locate our terminal model and click on the button to participate. When we receive on our device the notification that we are registered in the beta version program, we can already look for the update in our smart phone.

Although beta versions are not recommended for all users, due to possible performance, stability and compatibility problems, this is themore stable beta. There may still be some specific problems, but everything should work correctly and smoothly. For the final update of Android Q only a few weeks left. And the first to receive it will be the Google Pixel, as always.

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