Android 10 warns you if the USB port is dirty or overheated

Android 10 warns you if the USB port is dirty or overheated

Android 10 It has already been officially released and, as always, the Mountain View company has unveiled the list of major developments. But there are other changes, improvements and new features.‘Under the cap’, which Google has not commented and that little by little we are discovering. One of them is the new system ofsmart alerts related to the USB Type-C port of the devices. If it gets dirty, for example, the mobile itself will notify you.

Google has announced thatAndroid 10 It comes with a new dark mode for the entire system, native support for foldable smart phones or enhanced gesture control. They are some of the novelties included in its official list. But as we advanced, there are many other new functions and features that, although not officially mentioned, have also been included. Little by little we will discover them, and it will take us to meet some others, but we have already been able to know that nowAndroid 10 is able to detectdirt atUSB C port by itself. Thus, an alert is launched to the user to inform him.

If your mobile's USB port is dirty, Android 10 detects it and warns you

With this new security system, our mobile device with Android 10 not only warns us thatthere is dirt in the port, but alsoit is deactivated automatically Obviously, it can be activated manually if there has been a'false positive', but the system is also programmed to activate by itself only when we have cleaned it. And this, although it is a novelty of Android 10, is something thatSamsung He had already been including for some time behind his personalization layer One UI, and even in TouchWiz on older devices.

Apple had also included it in the iPhone. But returning to Android 10, in addition to dirt are also detectedexcessive temperaturesIf there is overheating in this component, the system launches an alert to recommend to the user thatdisconnect the charging cable or any accessory that is connected, until the port returns to the ideal temperature for operation.

In this sense, they have analyzed the Android 10 code to see that the alert jumps to60 C in the first instance considering that there has been acritical situation About the component. And a second alert, to65 C considering that a ‘state of emergency’ is occurring. Interesting improvements of which curiously the Mountain View company has not commented anything officially.