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Amazon App Store launches new exclusive games

Now it's Amazon's turn. The company's store, Amazon App Store, has decided to sign a contract with Popcap, the creators of Chuzzle and Plants vs.. Zombies Chuzzle went on sale Tuesday, while Plants vs.. Zombies will be launched later this month, before they fully migrate to Android Market.

The two games are already available on iOS and can be purchased the first day for free and then can be purchased for $ 2.99.

The exclusive contract with the Seattle-based game developer will give Amazon a final respite so it can compete with Android Market and other Android markets in different portals. Pop Cap is a recognized, serious and successful company that has created games that have more than 1.5 billion downloads. "Plants vs. Zombies" has been on the Apple Store Top 10 list since it went on sale. From what you see, Amazon wants to make money quickly betting on the safe.

Amazon App Store continue to add points for its interface and allow users the option to watch the games before downloading them. However, Amazon has also recently been criticized for its aggressive pricing that sometimes leaves developers with a smaller proportion of the benefits.


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