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All about Apple Alert for defective batteries on MacBooks

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Owners of Mac computers generally do not have to worry about virus attacks on their system, but if you have an older MacBook Pro you may face an even more troubling problem. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a ban on carrying some MacBook Pro computers on flights, due to a possible fire hazard of their batteries. This is all you should know about this situation, as well as the latest news.


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More airlines have banned several Apple MacBook models, which adds to the list of companies that have restricted the device. Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways have issued partial or complete bans on their flights.

This follows a voluntary recall issued by Apple in June 2019. The recall affects all 15-inch MacBook Pro models sold between September 2015 and February 2017, and was issued in response to the built-in battery that presents a risk overheating or fire potential.

FAA Warnings

macbook apple defective batteries pro burned batteryThe Federal Aviation Administration of the United States alerts major US airlines, reminding them to adhere to the 2016 safety guidelines, which prohibit batteries recalled from being carried on flights, both in the cargo area and in luggage hand. Earlier this week, four international airlines (Air Italy, Air Transat, Thomas Cook Airlines and TUI Group Airlines) banned models removed from the MacBook Pro from their flights, according to Bloomberg News.

The FAA is not the only organization that issued a statement in this regard. Earlier this month, the European Union Area Security Agency issued a warning about the affected devices, explaining that they should remain off and cannot be used or charged during the flight. Passengers were also advised to inform the cabin crew immediately if their device warmed up, got damaged, produced smoke, got lost or if it fell and got caught in the structure of the airplane seat.

Prior security alerts

Previously, Apple issued a global security alert on its MacBook Pro 15 2015 laptops due to overheating problems with its battery. The announcement was made public only after the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed 26 incidents involving “fire risk,” including five confirmed cases of minor burns and one of smoke inhalation, in the United States and Canada.

In response to the problem, Apple recommended the owners of the MacBook Pro 15 2015 to verify the serial number of their device and, if it is confirmed that it is affected, they can receive a change of the battery for free. Later in this article we explain the details of this process.

This announcement marks the first time that Apple has had to issue a recall of its laptop batteries since 2006. With 458,000 MacBook Pro 15 2015 laptops sold only in the United States and Canada for approximately two years, this could be the largest withdrawal of Laptop batteries of recent years, depending on the final account of the returned devices.

Do you remember the scandal of Samsung batteries?

macbook apple defective batteries battery samsung galaxy note 7 explodingWorse, given the seriousness of the reported problem and the fact that the battery is so well integrated that it is almost impossible to replace, the owners will have no choice but to run out of their laptop until Apple completes its repairs, as these are not immediate. For consumers who depend on their laptop to work and do not have a replacement, this represents a big problem.

Taking into account the potential reach of the affected devices, this situation has the potential to erode Apple's reputation, such as the trusted company that delivers quality hardware, although it is too early to say whether this is the case or whether to affect a way that hurts your sales in the future.

However, remember that another major battery failure of the last decade resulted in the cancellation and complete withdrawal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 line, which had a dramatic effect on stock prices and the manufacturer's reputation, which An feels until today. Apple has proven resistant to critics due to its loyal fan base and enviable marketing, but this may present a serious challenge for the future.

What is Apple doing about this problem?

Through a press release published on Thursday, June 20, 2019, Apple announced that some previous MacBook Pro units may have a battery that can overheat and "pose a security risk." These units were mainly sold between September 2015 and February 2017, and can be identified by the product serial number.

Customer safety is Apple's top priority, and that is why customers are asked to stop using the affected MacBook Pro 15-inch drives, the company said in the statement. The recall only affects MacBook Pro with a 15-inch Retina display, and does not include any other MacBook Pro or any other Mac laptop. Affected devices will receive a battery change at no cost.

The company launched a site dedicated to dealing with this problem. People who have a Mac computer that could fall under these specifications can visit it to learn more about this specific situation, in addition to receiving information about the affected products.

How to know if your Mac was affected and receive a new free battery

To confirm what your computer model is, you must choose About this Mac in the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen. If MacBook Pro appears (Retina, 15 inches, mid 2015), then go to the Apple site dedicated to this purpose, and enter the serial number of your computer on the program page, to find out if it is valid for you to receive a Free battery change.

If your computer is eligible, there are three ways to replace the battery: you can make an appointment at an Apple store, use a service provider that Apple has authorized, or simply contact Apple Support to help you send your MacBook Pro and that can be attended at the Apple Repair Center.

Regardless of the option you choose, your Mac will be sent to the Apple Repair Center. The company says that the process may take one to two weeks, and it is not clear if that estimated period of time includes the time it takes for delivery to and from the Repair Center.

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