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Adam Sandler movies that have gone down in history and you should see

Adam Sandler movies

His last romantic comedy, Murder Mistery, premiered on Netflix and starring with Jennifer Aniston, has become another success of the versatile Adam Sandler. The actor has risen as one of the highest grossing actors, with Hollywood feature films in which he has raised more than 2,000 million dollars. We have compiled our favorite Adam Sandler movies, the ones you should see.

While most of his roles are related to comedy, Sandler has taken some dramatic twists that have received praise from the critics, demonstrating that this funny man also has the ability to embody serious roles, as some of the films on our list show.

9. CLICK (2006)

Adam Sandler 9 movies

Doubled as a fantasy comedy, in this film – starring Kate Beckinsale and Christopher Walken – Sandler plays a family man overloaded with work who discovers that he can move quickly through the boring facets of his life using a universal universal remote control . Eventually he realizes that the moments he considered boring are actually valuable time lost with his family.

Although she received a Scar nomination in the Best Makeup category, which makes her the only Sandler film that has received a guide from the Scar, the film itself has contradictory criticisms. He was criticized for taking elements both from Back to the Future and from It's a wonderful life, but it is precisely this imitation that makes Click Be such a sweet movie.

8. REIGN OVER ME (2007)

Adam Sandler 8 movies

In this buddy filmSandler is accompanied by another star-filled cast that includes Don Cheadle, Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland. As one of his few films outside the genic genre, he uses the attacks of September 11 as a backdrop to the story, which is about a man named Charlie (Sandler) who lost his wife and daughter in the terrible tragedy. After having retired and being a shell of his former self, Charlie's life changes when he meets his former roommate in college, Alan (Cheadle). It is a story of friendship, love and revived loss, in which Sandler earns the praise of critics.

7. 50 FIRST DATES (2004)

Adam Sandler 6 movies

When Sandler joins Drew Barrymore in a romantic comedy, it seems like it's always a box office success. That was the case of this 2004 film, which focuses on the story of a marine bilogo who falls in love with an art teacher who suffers from a fictional disease called Goldfield Syndrome. The disease repeatedly erases his short-term memory, leading Sandler's character to try to fall in love, again and again, every day. You can't deny the beautiful chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore that consolidates the couple as a dream team in romantic comedy.


Adam Sandler movies

Sandler's last project for Netflix is ​​this film co-starring Jennifer Aniston. And it has devastated: Netflix reported that 30.9 million homes saw it in just the first three days after its premiere, which makes it the most successful weekend of all the movies in Netflix's history.

In this comedy and mystery film, Sandler and Aniston are a married couple who, while on vacation on a billionaire's yacht, are involved in a murder investigation. Less cheesy than most of the actor's films, but still full of laughter, Sandler fans loved it and managed to have a great appeal for the general public.

5. BIG DADDY (1999)

Adam Sandler 5 movies

A classic from Sandler's previous stage, this hilarious comedy stars Sandler as Sonny, an immature 30-year-old single who finds himself in charge of taking care of the son of his roommate, Kevin.

The boy moves home after Kevin leaves for China. The boy, Julian, is played by Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) and is the personification of tenderness. The combination with Sandler as the clueless Sonny leads to a lot of problems. Despite receiving mediocre critics, it is still Sandler's most successful live-action film to date, just behind the animated feature films Hotel Transylvania 2 Y Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.


Adam Sandler 4 movies

Sandler surprised the audience when he took a dramatic turn in this romantic comedy-drama, playing a businessman with great social anxiety who falls in love with a woman, but who faces the need to defend himself from thieves trying to steal his identity and extort him. It is one of the few films played by the actor who received universal praise for being "strange, touching and unique." Sandler was also noted for his acting, but is one of the few films of the actor that has not been a box office success.


Adam Sandler 3 movies

It is Sandler's first film with Drew Barrymore, and the story is about a wedding singer who falls in love with a waitress, who is going to marry her rich, cheater and pompous fiance. This movie brought one of the best original love songs of a romantic comedy, Grow Old With You, which was sung in a poignant way by Sandler in a memorable scene set in an airplane. The film made $ 123.3 million worldwide, and it was such a sweet story that in 2006 it became a Broadway musical.


Adam Sandler 2 movies

Sandler's first film did not enchant critics, but it was an instant cult classic, in addition to sweeping the box office, proving that Sandler was someone worth seeing in the film industry. Sandler plays the main character, a 27-year-old rich heir who continues to act as a child, without work or responsibilities. When the father decides to pass his business to the vice president of his company instead of his son, he is encouraged and promises to return to elementary school when he learns that his father paid for his grades, in an effort to change his mind. his father's. Despite the ridiculous premise of the film, Sandler delights in his own odd comic style.


Adam Sandler 1 movies

This sports comedy is called "Shooter McGavin" as a universal way to describe an arrogant idiot, and in it we see Sandler at his best. Representing a failed hockey player who discovers he has a hidden talent for golf, Sandler's character enters a professional golf tournament and quickly becomes the unconventional underdog of history. A commercial success, the film made $ 41.2 million dollars with a budget of only $ 12 million dollars.

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