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a study proves that technology undermines your patience

Homer Hulk

On any subject that we can think of there will be a study. Studies related to the fact that mobile phones do not affect the health of people, about how dangerous it is to drive while using mobile as many others. The 21st century is the century of studies.

And today we bring you a perfect example of the existence of studies for anything. As we read on ZDNet, an investigation carried out by the BIC company (indeed, that of the pens that are easier to lose than to finish their ink) has shown that since we have mobile phones, human beings are less patient and more easily irritated.

More anxious than ever. Mobile phones end our patience.


The BIC study or survey asked 2,000 British people what was normally the source of their discomfort, irritation or lack of patience. And no, it wasn't the alarm clock. The majority of respondents stated that the mobile phone and other technological products. Apparently, these moody and tired users of life and obligations, mentioned that if their mobile phone, computer or any other electronic product took longer than 22 seconds, they were frustrated.

Particularly, at 22 m they seem a lot to me and if something doesn't work in just 10 seconds I throw it out the window. Out of jokes – or not – What is true is that technology has made us more impatient and that does not require any study. If we send a WhatsApp to someone, or Telegram that is better, we want to be answered immediately, in the same way with emails and if that does not happen, restlessness and anxiety appears in our body.

It is curious, in the time of the 56k modems we are not so impatient. Can you imagine today waiting three, four or more minutes to load a web page? More than one will be thrown out the window.

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