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A new Honor Play will be currently being developed

Honor Play

Honor Play is the gaming phone of the Chinese brand, which we can buy for a long time in Spain. This device has meant the entry of the Chinese brand in this market segment, which continues to grow at a good pace with more and more options. The feelings he has left have not been negative, so the company is already working in a second generation.

This time it was the president of the company, Zhao Ming, who has implied that they are already working on a new Honor Play. Although so far there are no details about the new generation of this gaming phone of the Chinese brand. We can see that there are plans to leave us with one in the near future.

No details have been given, nor has it been officially confirmed that there is a new Honor Play currently underway. The company knows that this segment of gaming phones is growing at a good pace, so they want to be part of it, something that is understandable. So it would not be unusual for them to be working on a new generation.

Honor Play

Honor is a brand whose presence in the market has been growing, although its sales have suffered from the problems of the United States with Huawei, its parent company. But the brand seeks to have a presence in all types of segments, with models with affordable prices.

So it is not crazy to think that there are plans for a new Honor Play. But it doesn't seem like this model will arrive shortly to the shops. If you really are already working on a new generation, it is probably not until next year when it will be launched.

Therefore, we will have to wait a while to know more about this possible Honor Play that they are going to launch. Meanwhile, the brand It already has several models almost ready to arrive. One of the first that we are going to know about you is the 20s, which arrives this week officially.

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