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3 apps to learn origami using your Android

Apps to learn origami

The diversity of applications available in the Android application store makes it easy for use your mobile or tablet to entertain yourself, to learn, or to do both at the same time. That is the main mission of the applications that we present in this article, focused on a centenary art.

Do you know how to make paper figures without using scissors or glues? That's what origami is, in creating paper sculptures only with the help of your hands. The benefits of this activity are multiple, so We encourage you to learn origami using the following applications.

3 apps to learn origami using your Android


“The goal is to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a sculpture finished through folding and sculpture techniques”, explain about origami in the description we find of this app in the app store. Although at first it seems complicated, Origami help you achieve that goal with ease.

Upon entering the app, you will find a list of categories that divide the figures into easy, difficult, animals, fruits and vegetables, flowers, etc.. Click on the category you like best to see what are the available models. Then, you just have to select the one you want to access so that the instructions for its creation appear on the screen.

As you can see in the last image of the capture, The guide is divided into steps and also includes drawings To make it easier to bring the idea to life. For all these explanations and the more than 70 figures in the collection, Origami is a good tool to start with origami.

Origami Origami App


This game, available in the Play Store, consists of more than 70 levels that you must progressively overcome. Don't think that all of them will consist of making a basic fold to the paper, since the difficulty is growing remarkably and arrive at a time when the movements are increasingly complicated.

In Paperama it is not enough to fold the paper, you must do it as accurately as possible, since that later influences the points you receive when completing the level. The fewer movements you use to create the figure, the greater the final prize.

The game is not laughing with learning in Paperama. Take a paper that you have nearby and, as you play, try creating the same screen figure. Thus, you can learn origami in a dynamic and fun way to relax the mind giving life to incredible paper sculptures.

Hear me

As its name implies, Origame is a game that tries to teach you the art of origami while challenging you to go above the levels. As you progress through the game, the creation of the figures will be more complicated. and you will have to refine your accuracy to complete the challenges.

Get ready, because with Origame you can also create the figures on the screen. You only need paper and some interest to learn how the game models are made and take them to real life. So, you join entertainment and learning, and you can relax your mind by creating those incredible paper sculptures that you always wanted to make.

Origami Origame App

Applications dedicated to origami, or origami, in the app store for Android they are counted by tens. If these are not interesting to you, you just have to inquire a little to find that ideal to introduce you to the art of creating paper figures without scissors or glue.

Image: Zaragenda

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