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200 videos free tutorials, tips and tricks on how to develop apps for Android

Regardless of what the rest of the people say, Android development is not easy. So if you are looking to program an application that will be the bomb to get you millions, it will take you hours and hours of learning to learn how to do it step by step to reach that level. So save your booklet of "Android Programming for fools" and get ready to see learning material and some tricks and tips to develop Android apps. You always learn much more when they show us the things than when we read them from a normal book and, therefore, there are video tutorials on Android and its development. With this new collection of more than 200 tutorials, you will have enough material to keep your brain busy for a while.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can say a million. Finally, all these Android videos have been compiled in one place by TheNewBoston and mybringback, the two kids shown below.

These two are the deres of the YouTube development channel and have provided much information in 20 hours of learning, which is really worth it for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the world of Android development. They know how to present information in a fun and informative way without getting bored to the public.

These three videos are the first three tutorials, the other 20 you will find here.

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