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You can now download Pokmon Masters on iOS and Android Run to try it!

Pokmon Masters It was presented in early summer and after a couple of months, we can finally download it officially. It is one of the most anticipated games for smartphones and tablets as it recovers the essence of Pokmon in one of the least treated facets in the multiple adaptations that the franchise has had in this market: the fighting.

Who does not remember the turn-based fighting between Coaches with their respective teams? Pokmon Masters focuses on this aspect but as expected goat, with a differential touch – and perhaps more limited – with respect to the main deliveries.

An adventure that recovers familiar characters from the popular saga

download the pokemon masters apk

After accepting a retahla of terms and conditions, linking (or creating) our Nintendo account, activating notifications and downloading additional data for the proper functioning of the game, we will enter the world of Pokmon Masters.

During loading screens we will see that many of the characters that appear in the game are familiar faces: From the protagonists of previous deliveries of Pokmon to Gym Leaders or rivals of many editions.

It should be noted that the game has a plot thread in which we will advance within a plot that runs on Passio Island. The first thing we will do is recruit two partners, forming a team of three people and their three respective creatures.

And is that the fighting we will fight in Pokmon Masters will be of 3 vs 3; As we move forward in the game we can partner with other characters to change Pokmon and adapt to the demands presented to us.

Because in Masters too the type table is respected, making the electric attacks very effective against the Pokémon of type Air and Water, for example. It’s more, on the name of the enemy Pokémon appear a sign when the Pokmon guy has an advantage over this.

After the fighting we will get experience points, with which we will level up the Trainer / Pokmon tndem. Also, they will give us different objects.

Graphically, we are facing a three dimensional environment although we will not tour the scenarios as such; We'll explore them by sliding your finger on the screen and touching the characters that appear to talk to them. It is more like a graphic adventure.

If you like the franchise, but especially its fighting, do not hesitate to download Pokmon Masters

For those who have already lost interest in Pokmon GO or do not have the idea of ​​playing away from home, Masters gives us a very good mobile adaptation for all franchise public.

Can download Pokmon Masters for free both on your iOS devices (11 or higher) and Android (5.0 or higher with 2GB of RAM).

What do you think of Pokmon Masters? Do you think it is the best Pokmon game for smartphones or do you prefer another release? You can leave your comments below.

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