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Wizards Unite, from the creators of Pokmon GO

Months ago the game APK was leaked, but today it has finally been officially launched. After a long wait, it is already possible to download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in Spain and in many more countries so that we can explore the world through the eyes of the magicians of Hogwarts.

Behind this title is Niantic, the company that developed Pokmon GO and which have been clearly inspired to create this new proposal.

If you are more Harry Potter than Pokmon fan, this game is for you

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download harry potter: wizards unite

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Again, we will have to go outside to play with this application because, as you know at this point, the bulk of the gameplay is based on our location.

In this way, on our way we will pass by Strengths, Inns and Greenhouses with which we will interact to perform different activities or get rewards, which in real life will be monuments, shops or other resetable locations. It should be noted that the stops are the same as in Pokmon GO.

We will also encounter challenges against magical beings in which to test our skills, sliding your finger across the screen imitating the way to conjure spells with the wand. It will be the equivalent of capturing Pokmon in Pokmon GO.

Likewise, we can add to our friends to compare our progress and even collaborate in specific moments.

On the other hand, in Wizards Unite they give us to choose our house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) although it catches our attention that we can edit our choice at any time. We do not know if later this will be relevant and they will set us a definitive house. We would have loved, that is, a kind of test by the Sorting Hat to determine which house we should go to.

Similarly, we have the opportunity to set up our own wand and even choose a profession, although this last section is unlocked later. Then, to complete our Ministry identification form, we can attach a selfie to which to add filters and digital masks.

Only Muggles can't download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on their smartphone

We don't know if the game replicates the boom of Pokmon GO; After all, the formula is already exploited and does not have the novelty / surprise factor that Ingress did not achieve before its edition based on the creatures of Game Freak and Nintendo.

Anyway, as we said at the beginning, you can now download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for both your iPhone and your Android. It is completely free, although as usual, it has payment extras within the game.

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What do you think of Wizards Unite? Do you like it more than Pokmon GO or Ingress? You can leave your comments below.

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