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Windows 10 Mobile Update / Install on Windows Phone 2019

If you want to take your cell phone to the forefront in terms of what Operating Systems refers to, you just have to have stable internet access from your mobile device and follow the steps provided for you in this guide. In this way there will be no complications so you can enjoy on your phone the advantages offered by Windows 10 Mobile.

How to Update / Install Windows 10 Mobile on Windows Phone?

We will start like this, looking for in your phone the app store called Microsoft Store, click on its icon to open it and access its search engine, entering in it the name of Upgrade Advisor which will translate to: Update Advisor, but for this specific case we have to place it in English. Once you have found this application, click on its name and select the I buttonnstalar to start downloading and later installation.

Finished the above, look for the update advisor in your list of installed applications and click on its icon to open it, immediately after executing the application, it will show a message saying that it will scan your cell phone to verify that the new version of Windows 10 Mobile.

After waiting for the application to scan your phone, a message will appear denying or affirming the possibility of applying the update.

In the event that your device can support this new operating system, the application will notify you, to which you must close it by going to the main menu of your phone and re-entering the update advisor by pressing on its icon.

Once this is done, you will notice that the main screen of this application will have changed, this being the time to install the New Windows 10 Mobile Operating System on your device.

At this point, check the box next to the words Enable Windows 10 Mobile Update pressing on it and also on the option that says: Following. After pressing that button, you will have to wait a while while the application loads the necessary data to carry out the update.

Upgrade Advisor will ask you to choose one of three different options to save important data: Use the SD card, Use OneDrive and Advanced options, to which we recommend that choose one of the first two, the one of your choice and press the Next button.

If there is no problem, you will be redirected to the main screen of the update advisor where you have to press the button Ready.

At this time you should make sure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, because the downloading of a large amount of information will begin and if you carry out this process using mobile data it may result in monetary expenses to your telecommunications company. In the same way make sure the phone stays connected to its charger and therefore to the electric current.

Once the above is done correctly, go to the settings section of your device and within it look for the option of System and in turn the sub-option of Updates or in case it appears in English Phone Update. Located in this segment, only subtract select To update and let the system install the new version of Windows Phone on its own.

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