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WhatsApp prepares to finally receive a useful novelty, that is, for the moment only in iOS

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<p>Although the updates are quite more <strong>frequent and generous</strong> In Telegram, in WhatsApp they don't stay precisely still. And with the mantra of "slowly and good letter", this week the <strong>WhatsApp beta for iOS</strong> add a function that, at least, we can catalog as <strong>Of great usefulness</strong>.</p><div class=

Soon you will be able to play voice memos directly from the notifications

According to WABetaInfo, these days have catalyzed a function that carried developing months, function that allows play voice memos directly from the notification balloon. Until now, users can interact with notifications either by discarding them or by responding to messages directly from it. However, there are (and there are still) certain limitations as to what we can do with them. Among these limitations, one of the most annoying was that of unable to play voice memos, having to enter the application unfailingly.

This will mean that we don't have to be continuously unlocking the terminal and entering the application every time an audio lands on our devices. And I say audio, because apparently this new feature works interchangeably with voice memos and audio files.

WhatsApp audio in iOS notification

The "bad news" is that at the moment this function Only available in version of the WhatsApp beta on iOS, so only a restricted number of users are currently testing it. Therefore, it's time to have some patience and keep WhatsApp always updated to the latest version, so be the first to receive all the news.

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Finally, we must regret that this new feature is only listening, not admitting the recording of new audios from the notification. Of course, we hope that in the next updates WhatsApp will end up implementing this last aspect since during the last months, the app has been working on the possibilities of interaction with notifications of Android and iOS.

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