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Whatsapp allow to protect the application with the fingerprint

New year, new life. The most famous messenger application in the world has decided to introduce a long-awaited change. At the moment only be available in the beta version, but we can protect WhatsApp with the fingerprint. This is great news, we all share sensitive, and therefore private, information through this app.

At the moment this feature is only available on Android. Think that Apple decided to remove the fingerprint reader, the Touch ID, of its terminals. We assume that it will also be activated for Face ID shortly, but we have no news about it.

Is it necessary to protect WhatsApp with the fingerprint? S!

The human being is gossip by nature. Obviously those of us who have a minimum of decency we will never watch private conversations, but not everyone is like that. We all use some type of protection when blocking our phone, but there are situations in which we deliver it unlocked to someone. For example when we want a picture taken.

Be that as it may, something else of security never hurts. To protect Whatsapp With the fingerprint it is an added plus that we like a lot. Eye, it seems that we cannot protect specific chats, but the application. As soon as we open it, ask us to put our finger on the reader and give us access to it.

whatsapp with the fingerprint

In ActualApp we are beta testers by WhatsApp and we still don't have the option activated. As soon as they give us access, we will update the post. Of course, we have already seen some screenshots of this function (you can see them throughout the article) and we know how it works. In fact it doesn't have much secret. In case you don't want to use the footprint, We can also enter some type of password.

What do you think? Is it a function that you think was needed? Are you going to protect Whatsapp with the fingerprint? Think that when you try to put a lot of security on one thing, it indicates that there is something valuable. Let's see if this will bring more problems than no solutions. Long live WhatsApp!

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