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What your horscopo says for today and the weekend of September 6

Why raise a horscope from the ascendant? The
horscopo read the energy availability depending on the transit of the planets by the twelve signs. This movement is expressed in each person according to the order of the zodaco that proposes the ascending of his natal chart. The ascendant is fundamental because it indicates in which scenarios of life the planets circulate. Therefore, to know where the greatest energy is being activated, it is necessary to know the astral map according to the ascending and the astrological houses. To find out, there are several sites on the internet that respond from your date, time and place of birth.

Ascending in Aries

The transit of Mars (ruler of the ascendant in Aries) by Virgo (land sign, practical and organized) continues. As energy availability implies special attention to internal and external order. It can be a good time to prioritize daily and domestic organization or to recapitulate and discriminate between the issues that enhance neurosis.

Ascending in Taurus

Venus (ruler of the ascendant in Taurus) continues its journey through Virgo (land sign, practical and organized) with a proposed order to link. This week Venus interacted with Neptune (planet associated with dreams and love) in Pisces, which in energetic terms may have brought a romantic halo of fantasy. Tip: the critical look is sometimes not synonymous with emotional clarity.

Ascending in Gminis

Mercury (ruler of the ascendant in Gminis) continues its journey through Virgo (land sign, practical and organized) and this weekend opposes Neptune in Pisces. This configuration can restructure the perspective you have on mental and emotional processes that have been slowly drilling for some time. Tip: it's time to feel without looking for conclusions.

Ascending in Cancer

Maybe after the new Moon in Virgo you still perceive that something new is looking for its shape and if you don't know what it is you feel anxiety. This Friday the Moon (your regent) continues its journey through Sagittarius (sign of fire, impatient). Anyway, on Saturday the Moon passes to Capricorn (earth sign, patient) and activates the couple's area. Tip: without anxiety, perhaps the new is defined by the hand of an ally.

Ascending in Leo

The Sun (ruler of the ascendant in Leo) continues its journey through Virgo (land sign, practical and organized). This weekend mathematically approaches Neptune (planet associated with dreams and love). This configuration can enhance a romantic and dreamy look on life. Tip: tuning in to the Neptunian prism is beautiful, but without confusing fantasizes with reality.

Ascending in Virgo

Continue the vital injection of virgin energy through the path of the Sun, Mars and Venus by your sign. In addition, Mercury (your ruler) in his transit through Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. This configuration can change or confuse the perspective you have about emotional processes in the couple. Tip: a lot of sincerity with yourself. Feel without wanting to understand mentally.

Ascending in Libra

Venus (ruler of the ascendant in Libra) continues its journey through Virgo (land sign, practical and organized). In energetic terms, on the one hand this transit brings a very mental and analytical vibration – even hyper-critical; on the other hand, as in the week Venus connected with Neptune in Pisces, it could also be that a romantic and dreamy delivery appears on the couple's plane.

Ascending in Scorpio

Plutn (ruler of the ascendant in Scorpio) continues his transit through Capricorn, and allows him to perform a slow emotional work so that you can get seriously involved with your intimacy. This weekend, in addition, Pluto connects with Venus (planet associated with the couple) in Virgo. This configuration adds availability to be delivered to a link more rigorously.

Ascending in Sagittarius

Jpiter (ruler of the ascendant in Sagittarius) continues in direct march in your sign and this weekend connects with the Sun in Virgo (land sign, practical and organized) in the area of ​​your natal chart linked to the profession. In that sense, it is a good time to review the relationship between your work and your vocation. Tip: without pulling, integrate giving freedom and expansion.

Ascending in Capricorn

This weekend there is a lot of energy available in Virgo (land, concrete and practical sign) in the area of ​​your birth chart associated with your vocation and abroad. It can be a good time to reorganize studies, start new readings, investigate options or take advantage of the energy that accompanies to design and manage vacations.

Ascending in Aquarius

This weekend the greatest amount of energy available is in the area of ​​your natal chart associated with your privacy. The proposal of this Virgo stellium for the ascendant in Aquarius points to an introspective order to be able to surrender in intimacy without critical criticism or hurricane obstacles. Tip: there are things that cannot be controlled mentally.

Ascending in Pisces

Virgo, the complementary axis of the ascendant in Pisces, continues to be activated by the transits of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in that sign. These movements bring questions and ups and downs in the couple's field. This weekend, in addition, Mercury (planet of communication) connects with Neptune (your ruler). This interaction proposes to connect the emotion and put aside the attempts to understand. An there is no clarity.


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