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What it is and how it can be prevented

Burn-in effect

The screen of a phone is something very sensitive, where problems may occur at some point. A bug or problem that probably some users on Android have ever experienced the burn-in effect or burnt effect, as it is also known in many cases. We talk about this effect below.

We tell you more about it, so that you go to to know more about this burn-in effect on the screen of a phone. Also some details to keep in mind, to be able to prevent it, at least as much as possible, since it is not always something that we can do a lot to avoid coming up on the phone.

What is the burn-in effect?

Burn-in effect

We know by burn-in effect, also called in many cases burned effect or phantom screen, a permanent or lasting discoloration of the phone screen. This effect is normally caused by irregular use of pixels on the screen, besides being able to have diverse origins. Since it can happen when the points of light that produce the images on the screen lose intensity due, in many cases due to prolonged use.

Also irregular use, as alone keep a part of the phone screen illuminated For a long time, it may cause the screen image to burn. In addition, this is something that in many cases remains permanently, so that the burn-in effect can have serious consequences on the screen.

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The phones with OLED screens are the most prone to suffer the burn-in effect. Although it is something that can also happen in the case of phones with an LCD panel, but usually occurs less frequently in this regard. Also, now that the navigation buttons are integrated into the phone screen, it is more common.

Why this effect arises

The reasons why a phone ends up suffering the burn-in effect are quite varied. There is no single cause responsible for this happening on the phones. Although there are certain actions or possible causes, it is recommended that you avoid doing it on the phone, since they can contribute to this effect arising on the screen of the device.

  • No automatic brightness activated
  • Use still images on the screen for a long time
  • Use only part of the screen (or keep it illuminated only)
  • Keep the screen on without using it for too long

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It is therefore recommended to avoid such actions, as an effective way to prevent this burn-in effect on the phone screen. We can see that these are fairly simple actions, which can be configured on Android at any time. But they help reduce at least the chances of this failure happening on the phone.

How the burn-in effect on the phone is fixed

Unfortunately, there is no really effective or definitive solution for the burn-in effect on the screen of a phone. In many cases, when this problem arises in the device, said brand that is seen, like the one we have seen in the photos, is maintained in any case. So it is not something we can prevent or solve in this regard. It depends on whether it is permanent or not.

In many cases, if not something permanent, you can adjust phone screen settings. Aspects such as managing the contrast brightness, betting on the configuration recommended by the brand itself, usually prevents problems or make the screen return to its normal state. In addition, there are applications that can help.