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We present you the best camera for trips that you must buy

best camera for travel

Why today we worry about a camera for travel, having cell phones? No one disputes that the smart phone has become the favorite camera for everyday photos. But when you are venturing hundreds or thousands of kilometers before something never seen, there is nothing better than a good traditional camera. Whether a rugged model that can withstand water, snow and sand; a superzoom that allows you to reach a distant point without having to go through there, or one of interchangeable lenses that allow you to take detailed photos of your favorite memories, a camera that is only camera additional tools that can make your vacation even more memorable.

The equipment you choose depends on the type of trip you plan to take. You can opt for a multi-use model that covers the basics or a niche camera designed precisely for the activity you are doing. Maybe you need one that can keep up with a high-speed adventure and an improvised lifestyle. Or maybe you prefer to take your time to capture the perfect sunset. Anyway, there will be an ideal camera for your next vacation and you will probably find one that does not leave you in red numbers. Below, we compile a list of some of our favorite travel cameras, organized by category.

General picture

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6The best of all
Leica SofortThe best instant travel camera
Nikon Coolpix P1000The one with the best superzoom
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VIThe best premium compact travel
Fujifilm X-T30The best with interchangeable lenses

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6

The best of all

Why should you buy it? RAW photos, great macro capacity, weatherproof.

Who is it for? Photographers who need a camera that can survive the onslaught of the elements.

Why do we choose it? Robust point-and-shoot cameras are similar to action cameras, except that they put photographs before video. Perfect for beach trips and diving, they are designed to be shot by hand and not mounted on something. They are also waterproof, dust and freezing, all without the need for a separate case or case.

The Stylus Tough TG-6 continues to dominate Olympus in the war of rugged cameras, and offers several advanced options, such as the ability to take uncompressed RAW photos. It also has a stellar macro mode and even an incredibly easy-to-use light painting mode, perfect for some creative nighttime fun on your next camping trip. For $ 399 dollars, it is one of the most expensive options that exist, but it has a lot of energy for its price and it should also last you many years.

Leica Sofort

The best instant travel camera

best travel cameras leica sofort camera 14 768x768

Why should you buy it? Because you are tired of lifeless images on a screen and you want a physical image in your hand.

Who is it for? For those who like something great and unique when it comes to their cameras.

Why do we choose Leica Sofort? From the Polaroid OneStep 2 to the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay, instant cameras come in all shapes and sizes. But none is as elegant as Leica Sofort. According to its manufacturer, its design is sophisticated and discreet. It is the type of instant camera that people admire instead of laughing.

Of course, inside, the Sofort is just a standard Instax Mini camera. Its f / 12.7 aperture offers reasonably sharp images and the 60-millimeter lens is versatile enough to create a variety of styles, but it is certainly not its image quality that makes the camera ideal. Remember that when you are on vacation, you are there to have a good time. Especially if you travel with children, instant photography is a fun and interactive way to document the good times.

What makes the Sofort different is that you still look like a “real” photographer while using it. And it is not small thing.

Nikon Coolpix P1000

The best with superzoom

Why should you buy it? Because it has a zoom of 125x.

Who is it for? For birdwatchers, fantastic sports and paparazzi.

Why do we choose it? The P1000 is an exaggeration, in the best sense of the term. Its 125x zoom offers an equivalent focal length range of 24-3,000 mm, a super telephoto lens that has never been seen before. Although it is technically a camera to aim and shoot, the enormous optics required for that lens makes it weigh more than 3 pounds. S: It is not exactly portable as other options in this list, but you will not find that huge zoom capability anywhere.

Just don't expect superior image quality from the P1000's relatively small sensor (more or less, a requirement to install such a long lens), although Nikon has done an admirable job with image stabilization, so that you can handle that lens without tripod (provided you have enough light and a little patience, of course). For almost $ 1,000 dollars, you'll probably want to think about it before, but if you need a camera that can capture everything from wide views to close-ups of birds, this is probably your best option.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI

The best premium compact travel

Why should you buy it? Great images and videos, good zoom, awesome speed.

Who is it for? For those who want a compact camera that does not sacrifice performance.

How much is it? $ 1,198 dollars.

Why do we choose it? Because it is a compact that does not sacrifice performance, with very good speed when taking videos, small on the outside but very powerful on the inside.

The RX1000 is the fifth model in this line of Sony compact cameras. With 20 MP, a 1-inch sensor and 24-70mm f / 1.8-2.8 zoom, is able to focus up to 0.05 seconds and at speeds of 24 images per second.

The camera costs $ 1,000 dollars, so it is clearly not for everyone.

Fujifilm X-T30

The best interchangeable lens camera

best travel cameras fujifilm x t30 hands on 7174 2 768x768

Why should you buy it? You are getting a small, lightweight camera that has incredible image quality.

Who is it for? For those who want to create more than a good holiday photo

Why do we choose the Fujifilm X-T30? The X-T30 is a compact camera without a high-performance mirror. Whether for a weekend getaway or a long vacation, this camera doesn't add too much weight to your travel bag. It comes with a 26-megapixel X-Trans sensor with back lighting. With this you get impressive images, rich in color and details. Depending on your viewing preference, the X-T30 gives you the option to look through a central viewfinder or an adjustable LCD screen.

We loved the X-T30, as it brings the best features of Fujifilm's X-T3 flagship in a smaller and cheaper package. You can continuously shoot up to 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter, so you will never lose the rhythm of the action. The automatic approach to face and eye detection is ideal for portraits, and also offers 4K video, if you want to save a cinematic memory of your vacation.

What sets this camera apart from the previous ones is that it gives you the option of interchangeable lenses. And when it comes to lenses, we are forced to find a better manufacturer than Fujifilm. Therefore, if your time is mixed with walks, street markets and leisure days on the beach, you will have many lens options to adapt to the style of photography you want to create.

What should you look for in a travel camera?

The most important? Make sure you get a camera that you really use. You can spend $ 2,000 dollars or more on a first-rate machine for your next vacation, but if you never take it out of the hotel room because it is too big and heavy (or you are worried that it will be stolen), you will basically have thrown away the money.

If you already photograph with a digital SLR camera or without a mirror, you will have a good idea of ​​what you are willing to use. However, if you currently only use one phone, you should consider what you miss in your phone before making a decision. Do you need better image quality in low light? Ability to shoot in all weather conditions? Lens more versatile? Answer these questions well before opening your wallet.

* Article updated on September 5, 2019 by Daniel Matus.

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