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We already know how Fortnite Storm Investor works [VIDEO]

The people of Epic games Keep up with your continuous updates of your star game. Today they have released a patch that has as its main attraction a new object that will give a lot to talk about. We are talking about Fortnite Storm Investors, which as we will tell you now has very interesting functions.

We also want you to leave us a comment with an F for the hunting rifle. Yes, friends, they have put it in the fridge in all its variants. The reason is that there are already many sniper weapons and they have decided to rest this rifle. It's a shame because it's a great weapon, but Nor be a very dramatic loss.

What is Fortnite Storm Investor?

If we had to define it quickly we would say that it is a throwing object that creates safe areas within the storm. But be careful because it can also create storms within safe areas. This makes it an object that is both defensive and offensive. At this point, maybe the best thing is that Take a look at the trailer.

It's cool right? In the games in squad all have abandoned us sometime For dying inside the storm. Now with the Fortnite Investor Storm you can come to rescue us. That's right, think that its effect lasts only 20 seconds, so we can not sleep on the laurels.

If you look at the patch notes, they tell us more about this object. The safe zone that is created has a spherical shape, so it can be used in height. Obviously your rivals if they are within the range will benefit from that safe zone.

On the other hand this object has a weird oddity, that is to say it is purple. You can find so much on the floor like in chests, and also obviously in vending machines. That s, only appear in accumulations of a unit and you can only take one in each inventory pocket.

Triumph this new object among the Fortnite community?

This is a great question. There are times when there are news that we think are going to petar and nobody is interested. In other cases the opposite happens. To us with Fornite's Investor Storm smells like people will like it. Perhaps not so much for his defensive nature, but for the offensive one.

As you know in the competitive it takes a lot of this make a bucket and shelter there Until the storm advances. To kill these players, smoke grenades are widely used, but their range is limited. If now we throw this new object we will force them to move quickly quite a distance.

Think of the damage that removes the storm created by Fortnite Storm Investor It is the same as the current storm at that time. This at the beginning of the game is not at all decisive, but for a final it may be what ends up with a lot of players. See as the professionals They use it in competitive games.

What do you think? Do you like this new object? Remember to put one F in the chat for the hunting rifle, and leave us your opinion about the Storm Investor. You know that in ActualApp we are very fans of this game and we are attentive to any news. Long live Fortnite!

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