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Tips to enhance your content on social networks

Social media practices that brands should be following this year

  • The consumption of digital information is very vertiginous and that is why the contents must enhance its effectiveness.

  • The contents should enhance its effectiveness, use appropriate images, and short videos, texts that are attractive.

  • You have to know how and when to publish, the type of content including the time and day the publication is made.

At present, the consumption of digital information is very vertiginous and that is why the contents must enhance its effectiveness, resort to adequate images, and short videos, texts that are attractive and in general, high quality capable of capturing users.

Jaime Bravo, director of, considers that the effectiveness of a content is determined from the scope, which can be general and organic, and from the interaction, which refers to the number of people who click on the publication .

Half of an effective communication are the contents and the other half is the planning of said contents, since it is not enough to publish interesting images, texts or videos, it is necessary to know how and when to publish them, depending on the type of content even the time and of the day the publication is made, he says.

To enhance your social media marketing, follow the recommendations below

  1. Present infographics.The infographics manage to summarize data and present it didactically and with attractiveness. They can be published in blogs and in almost all social networks.
  2. Keep your content always fresh.Always keep up to date with your content, keep up to date on trends and do not lose the interest of your readers.
  3. Place buttonsPlace buttons that allow your content to be shared by your readers through their social media accounts, so you can spread your information.
  4. Organize promotions.You can organize promotions and contests to attract the attention of followers on special occasions such as parties, holidays and specific seasons.
  5. Program your contents.If you schedule the publication of your content you can organize yourself better and calculate the best schedules to generate greater impact on the audience.
  6. Interact with the audience.Be necessary that your activity in social networks is constant and notorious, timely and respectful, thereby achieving prestige and the sympathy of your followers.
  7. Make calls between your social networks.In your own social networks you should have calls to your accounts from other platforms. For example, from Instagram call your YouTube channel.
  1. Promote your social networks offline.Include your social media addresses in brochures, personal cards, trash and other non-digital media.
  2. Use metrics in your Social NetworksUse programs like Google Analytics to measure your impacts and make decisions in your digital marketing strategies.

To enhance the reach of digital marketing in your social networks, follow these eight infallible tips to enhance your marketing strategies through social networks.

1. Start at once It is only a matter of opening your accounts and placing the contact details of your project in each one. It's about starting as soon as possible.

2. Make constant publications To give continuity to your project, make publications at least 3 to 5 times a week, thereby not losing visibility and being able to integrate into the virtual community.

3. Choose content from your sector If marketing is your thing, publish about marketing, if you are a designer, do it about design. You know the sector in which you specialize and what content will be of interest.

4. Publish for all your followers Think about your followers and, although your content may be specialized, you should write as if you were speaking to a larger public, you never know who you read and follow.

5. Publish varied content Use different formats to achieve more dynamism: blog, video, photo, articles of interest on your website. It's about not boring your users.

6. Do not post only about your products and brand Post only promotions do not increase the amount of visibility or interactions. It prevents users from getting bored and offers interesting, varied and fun content.

7. Transmit the ideals and style of your company or brand If you manage the social networks of your brand, publish its essence in specific messages. If someone else does, explain exactly what are the contents you want to publish.


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