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Tips and tricks for Google Assistant in Spanish

Now that Google Assistant is available for any smartphone with at least Android Marshmallow and in Spanish, more people can enjoy their ability to help optimize the tasks of everyday life. You can interact with Google’s smart personal assistant in a much more natural conversational style than with the commands set to use. These tips and tricks will help you start using Google Assistant, making the most of the new assistant.

First steps with Google Assistant

Set up Google Assistant for the first time

If you've never used Google Assistant before, don't worry: despite its complex capabilities, it's easy to configure. Your phone to run any version of Android from Marshmallow (6.0) onwards, press the start button long to open Google Assistant (or say "Ok Google" if voice activation is ready).

  • Start Google Assistant by long pressing the start button.
  • The first time the "Meet Google Assistant" screen appears, click Continue.
  • Give him permission to access the information he needs to function by pressing "Accept.
  • Teach him to recognize your voice by pressing Start.
google assistant getting started
Welcome to Google Assistant. Give permission and teach your voice. / AndroidPIT

Google Assistant Customization

Select your Google account: The first thing to do is make sure you have selected your main Google account, if you tennis more than one. Start Google Assistant, click on the menu icon (the three points in the upper right) to open the menu and press 'Account' and then select the one you want to use.

Access to the configuration: Started Google Assistant, click on the menu icon (the three dots in the upper right) to open the menu and press Settings. Next, you will see a list that includes settings for Home Control, News, My Day and Shopping List (These options may change a bit depending on the country).

To configure your favorite news sources: enter Settings, click on News and then click on Customize. Select all the news sources you wanted and then click the return arrow. Then you will see a list of selected news sources, which can be dragged to reorder based on our priorities. To listen to personalized news later, simply say "Listen to the news."

To set up My Da summary: Go to the Settings menu and click on My Day. Select what you want to appear in your daily plan: Options include time, work, travel, upcoming meetings, reminders and news. When you want Google to tell you what is on the agenda of the day, simply say "Tell me what I have planned for today.

google assistant customize news my day summary
In Settings you can set preferences for news and calendar. / AndroidPIT

Tips for Google Assistant useful for everyday life

The basics

Getting Google Assistant to do things for us is easy. Instead of memorizing a lot of robotic commands, you can talk to him as in a conversation. It is very natural and you will rarely have to stop to ask yourself if you are formulating the phrase in the right way. Surely you have noticed that in the previous paragraph the phrases that must be said for Google Assistant to read the news or make a summary of the agenda of the day are like those that would be told to any other human being. For example, if you wanted Google Assistant to open the YouTube application, just say "Open YouTube." It's as simple as that. These are some of the basic things you can do with Google Assistant to get started:

Tips for cmodos:

  • Ask Google Assistant a question to find an answer in hands-free mode
  • Ask him to play a song by a particular artist
  • Ask him how long ago

Tricks not to screw up in the day to day:

  • Use Google Assistant to check the agenda of the day
  • Ask him to set alarms, reminders and timers

Tricks to be aware:

  • Google Assistant can make calls to contacts and distinguish between landline or mobile
  • Read and reply to messages

Read and reply to messages: This is a great novelty. If you send SMS text messages instead of Messenger or WhatsApp messages, you will find this trick particularly useful. Tell Google Assistant "Show my messages" and you will see the unread texts. Ask him: "Do I have messages?" And show you the read and unread messages. When they appear, you just have to click on Reply to be directed to the SMS application to reply to the message.

More advanced tips and tricks

Once you have got Google Assistant to do some of the most basic tasks, you can put it to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are some examples:

  • Get headlines and personalized sports results as soon as you get up
  • Ask Google to find you a route to go to work in the morning
  • Find a nearby coffee maker for a business meeting
  • Get information about the status of a flight or other real-time travel information
  • Make translations to or from your language at any time

What's on my screen ?: This will be really useful for you. Touching this option that Assistant gives us when we wake up, extract the relevant information on the current screen of the smpartphone. For example, you will see a card showing details about the restaurant that a friend has just suggested through a text message.

Shopping lists: with Google Keep integrated you can easily add things to the shopping list. You can even add several items at once, just by saying: "OK Google, add juice, eggs and milk to my shopping list."

Download voice pack for offline use. Launch Google Assistant and touch the three points on the right. Now select Settings> Phone> Other voice settings> Offline voice recognition> All. Here you will be able to download the voice package you need

Google Assistant is easy to use thanks to its conversational style

Control your smart home with Google Assistant

Google Assistant goes far beyond the smartphone and digital life can also control the physical environment in a smart home. If you tennis a smart thermostat, you can tell it to set the house temperature to 22 degrees. If tennis smart lights, you can check if they are on, turn them off remotely or turn them on in certain rooms of the house. As there is more intelligent technology in your home, you will rely more on Google Assistant to centralize control.

google home settings
Assistant is integrated into the new Google Home app. / AndroidPIT

Fun with Google Assistant

If you let Google Assistant know that you are bored there are a lot of things to suggest for entertainers. Simply ask for "things to do" and give you a list of fun activities to choose from. You can recite a poem, play funny videos, or teach them something at random. The best are games, such as trivial or riddles.

Have you tried Google Assistant yet? What are the functions you like most?

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