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This is how the Samsung Dex app works on your PC with the Galaxy Note 10

A couple of days ago Samsung has published a new app called Samsung Dex for Windows and macOS. Its function is to launch Dex on your PC or laptop and thus use a series of features such as file transfer, copy text and many more features.

We are going to show you everything you can with this new Samsung desktop app and that open a world of possibilities for the users of a Galaxy Note 10. We must say that for now this app is kept exclusively for the Note 10, but it will be a matter of time before Samsung opens it to more Galaxy phones.

How to install and configure Samsung Dex

Samsung DeX Note 10

Samsung Dex is available for both Windows 7 and Windows 10, as for macOS:

Once downloaded, we install it and it will start when we first connect our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to our PC. Done this we will have to Dex in a window of our desk to be able to do a lot of things that we are going to explain now.

To summarize: you will have all the functions of your phone on the screen of your laptop as are notifications, all apps and even the ability to play games that you have bought or installed in your terminal.

Transfer files between your terminal and your laptop

Transfer files

It is one of the biggest advantages of this app. Connected with the USB cable, since It is the only possible connection At this time with Samsung DEX, we can transfer files very quickly.

Simply you have to drag any file you have on your PC to the DeX window and the progress bar will begin until its completion. You can do the same by opening the “My files” app to pass the files in a simple way.

This way you can take a picture on your mobile, pass it to your laptop quickly, edit it with Photoshop and then pass it to the phone to upload it to any social network. It is one of the examples of the advantages of this system that facilitates many things.

If you already have a laptop with a USB Type-C connection you can forget about adapters.

Have DeX in a window


We have already mentioned that having DeX in a window is another of his best punctures. We can open all the apps of our mobile, view notifications, manage them, write emails and all from the ease that can be your trackpad or that mouse that you are used to forever.

That DeX window is the direct door to your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, so surely you take great advantage of being able to forget about the terminal and answer all messages while you work with your laptop.


And if we have that thanks to this desktop app we can forget about loading with a mouse and keyboard to activate DeX on a screen, that is, we only need our laptop, all are advantages for a tool that has come through the back door, but that offers a great experience of use to the new owners of the Note 10.

Copy and paste text from your PC to your phone


In order to use this feature that means having the clipboard between the terminal and the pc, we will do this:

  • From DeX we open Samsung Notes.
  • We open a new note.
  • We copy a text that we have in an open Word document, for example.
  • We paste it directly into the new Samsung Notes note, and magic!

Attach images directly to your mobile apps

Pasting images

Another advantage is that we can attach images in some of the apps of your mobile. It is only an example of the type of files that we can always attach depending on each app.

  • We open Samsung Notes again.
  • A new note
  • Now we drag an image that we have on our PC desktop to that new note.
  • It will stick directly.

That is, what we are doing is pasting images directly from our PC to Samsung Notes. Now imagine other apps like spreadsheets, Microsoft Word and more. The possibilities are endless.

Gaming in DeX


With Samsung Dex connected to a screen, gaming is not the same, but with the desktop app everything changes. Since we can open the games in DeX with the full screen to enjoy our favorite games. Y don't think it will go slow, not at all, as if you were playing on your PC.

  • We open the apps and we start any game.
  • It will open before our eyes.
  • The full screen option will appear shaded.
  • Click on it and it will allow us to move to the option to force the screen Complete for it.
  • We will have our game completely open to enjoy it.

These are some of the most important features of Samsung DeX and that becomes one of the best tools you can have with your Galaxy Note 10.

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