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They create a robot capable of sliding through the blood vessels of the brain

The robot has the shape of a cable and is controlled by magnetism to be able to advance through the brain without damaging it; You can even wear a tiny laser to burn a triangle Credit: Courtesy MIT

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
They have designed a miniature robot, snake-shaped, capable of sliding with minimal friction through narrow environments and difficult access. Thus, it may act not only between the veins or arteries, as the devices marketed until now, but also
in the brain.

The goal of the project, published in the journal Science, is for the device to function as a future medical tool. This is shown in this video, in which it slides through a silicone model of the cerebral vascular system that has multiple aneurysms.

This new technology is composed of a soft polymer skeleton with magnetic microparticles, which move by force of externally applied magnetic fields. The robot is covered with a 'skin' of self-lubricating hydrogel to reduce friction and so that it can slide through the veins.

In addition, it has an inner nucleus that emits laser beams, with which the robot could slide through the cerebral vascular system and eliminate, for example, a cranium by applying high energy laser.

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