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These are the best WhatsApp sticker packs for Android

It's been a while since WhatsApp allows its users to use stickers in their conversations. This is going one step beyond the emojis of a lifetime and has opened the door to new forms of communication. For this reason in this article we want to show you which are the best sticker packs of WhatsApp.

It is true that we have already seen this type of elements in other applications. Specifically In Telegram we have been using stickers for a long time. The novelty in this case is that WhatsApp uses more than 1.3 billion people every day, so as you can imagine this being crazy. In fact as now you will see The thing starts to take color.

Best WhatsApp sticker packs for Android

The people of Facebook, remember that WhatsApp and Instagram owners, force us to download WhatsApp stickers from Google Play. Remember that all we will see below are stickers exclusively for people who have Android. We will do another one for iOS do not worry.

What we will do is show you what for us are the best sticker packs of WhatsApp and we will leave you a link so you can download them. All are free so calm that all you can get. Let us begin.

Game of Thrones Stickers for WhatsApp

Our friends of universe created by J. R. Martin They have also landed on WhatsApp. Thanks to this pack of stickers we can answer our friends with images of Tyrion, Cercei, Hodor and other characters. In the chat of the newsroom of ActualApp conversations have been held only with these stickers.

best whatsapp sticker packs

Download WhatsApp Game of Thrones stickers

The Simpsons Stickers for WhatsApp

These also cannot be missing. The Simpson family stories They are part of our cultural history. How many chapters will we have seen? Anyway now we can use stickers of Homer, Lisa, Bart, Mr. Burns, Barney and in general all the characters of the series. There are several packs within this application.

best whatsapp sticker packs

Download WhatsApp stickers from The Simpsons

Stickers of the best Internet Memes for WhatsApp

This pack is spectacular. We have already shown on many occasions that In ActualApp we are very fans of Memes. Well here are collected in the form of a sticker some of the best that run online. There is everything. Check it out.

best whatsapp sticker packs

Download Meme Sticker for WhatsApp

Forocoches stickers for WhatsApp

Updated: The app is no longer available.

Attention because here we already enter a swampy terrain. S, friends, we are also shurmans although we will not tell you what our names are there. In any case, in this pack they have compiled the most representative images of this famous forum. From the face of Pepe Viyuela to the wax grin of Alonso, going through many others. Brutal.

best whatsapp sticker packs

Download WhatsApp stickers from Forocoches

WastickerApps an application with a lot of stickers

We could have started here. In our review of Best WhatsApp sticker packs this app cannot be missing. And it is a kind of compilation with a lot of packs inside. We have everything. There are stickers of Marvel, the Avengers, Minecraft, Super Mario or Naruto. It is a very good application.

best whatsapp sticker packs

Download WastickerApps for WhatsApp

Do you know other packs of stickers for WhatsApp that deserve to be in this article?

As we always do we ask for help. Google Play is a huge place and it's almost impossible to control everything. So if you know of any cool pack of those funny, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. We will analyze it and if we agree we will add it without problem to this article.

What do you think? Do you agree that these are the best sticker packs of WhatsApp? There are some very top, you can not deny that. The truth is that currently for Telegram there are many more, but surely in a few weeks the thing will equal a lot. Long live stickers!

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