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Themes for your Android Mobile | 18 launchers ms Downloaded 2019

Cover page The Best Themes for your Android Mobile

The Android operating system has been characterized by offering its users a great possibility of customization. Proof of this are the well-known launchers for Android, themes that allow you to change the appearance of the internal software and make it seem much more unique and special (in addition to improving the performance of the entire device).

These usually come in the form of an application that you can download and install, which is why there are so many of them in the app stores. Therefore, what can you choose? Well, in order not to waste time searching, you must know the best launchers for Android this year.

Video of the best themes for Android 2019

The 18 best Launchers for Android 2019

Nova Launcher

Download the Nova Launcher Free

Born in 2014 is an extraordinary launcher that already It has more than 50 million installations around the world. This is Nova Launcher, an App considered by many as the best for Android as it has impressive features such as:

  • Awesome support for icon packs.
  • Folders capable of adopting the same style as adaptive icons.
  • Full customization in terms of desktop size and the Dock is concerned.
  • Save backup copies of any customization you make.
  • Android 8.1 style and lower.
  • Varied night modes.

One of the best free Android launcher without a doubt, considering that its customization options are very diverse and that, in addition, it has a free version and a paid version to take things to a new level of configuration.

Download the Nova Launcher Free

Xiaomi POCO Launcher

Download the Xiaomi POCO Launcher

Belonging to the new Xiaomi brand, POCO, this somewhat minimalist and very colorful launcher rises, which provides a totally new and own style of Android that is constantly updated to always give you the best experience when implementing the interface of your device. It is currently considered as “best android launcher ”; let's see the reason.

Among the key features of this Xiaomi Launcher is:

  • The ability to adjust the size of the home screen design.
  • Practical searches, finding suggestions of categories, even sorted by icons and by color, in addition to several customizable functions.
  • Impressive fluency and a speed worthy of competing with any paid launcher.
  • Immediate compatibility with any type of Android device.
  • Minimalist design that stands out and does not hinder the operation of the device.

Download the Xiaomi POCO Launcher

Pixel Launcher P 9.0

Download Pixel Launcher P 9.0

If you search in your favorite browser for the best Android launcher words, one of the options you will find is with Pixel Launcher P 9.0, which gives you the possibility of obtaining the appearance of a device with Android 8.0 or higher without needing to have it really installed on your Android.

The fundamental characteristics of this are:

  • Minimalist and fast loading style, which perfectly emulates the Launcher of any device with Android 8.0 or higher.
  • You only need to download the lAndroid pool directly from the Apps store that has it, lacking the need to have a rooted device for installation and implementation.
  • It has different modes to place the screen, being a clear example of this night mode.
  • It has indito Widgets that will help you much more than you could imagine.
  • It has mobile support with Notch in addition to incorporating a Google search bar at the bottom, next to the Dock.

Download Pixel Launcher P 9.0

Smart Launcher 3

Download Smart Launcher 3

Oriented to low-income mobiles, this kind of launchers It stands out for being extremely light, making it much more RAM of any device that has it installed. As if this were not enough, Smart Launcher also makes it much easier to launch applications, making them work with just two touches to reduce access much more.

If you are looking for a launcher theme for mid-low or low-end devices themselves, then this is the best option you can lean towards.

Download Smart Launcher 3

Evie Launcher

Download Evie Launcher

The best launcher for Android should have a glorious home screen, which presents a clear image and a contrast according to the device. Well, this is precisely the pstuma functionality of this App to customize Android, which has impressive features such as:

  • Custom Docks
  • Numbering for unread.
  • Efficient search engine to locate anything that is inside your device.
  • Fast navigation for applications, which optimizes the time of Apps in general.
  • Unlocking the phone with two touches.

A free launcher that you surely can't stop trying.

Download Evie Launcher

X Launcher

Download X Launcher

The launchers discussed so far have tried to provide a simple and fast interface, leaving aside the similarities in relation to Android competitors. Well, this is changing right now with the Android X Launcher launcher, which emulates the interface of an iPhone X.

Simulating the iOS-11 operating system is this free launcher In the form of an App that gives you features such as:

  • Notification balloons in the icons.
  • Transition effects in any of the desks you own, being able to place a 3D presentation or change the wallpaper.
  • Possibility to make quick searches as in the iOS-11.
  • Weather forecast with widget that works in real time.
  • Possibility to hide applications with encryption.

So personalizing Android was never easier, less if you are looking to make it look like an iPhone phone.

Download X Launcher

Apex Launcher

Download Apex Launcher

This particular launcher is very similar to the first one mentioned here, thus having a customizable grid that allows you to accommodate your desk and accommodate it as you see fit.

Of course, it includes transition effects inditos, styles of various folders and gestures on the home screen so you can make full use of all the features of your mobile device. Everything, while optimizing your Android Smartphone or Tablet, making this the best theme you can download if you are looking for something light and simple.

Download Apex Launcher

Launcher Lawnchair

Download Launcher Lawnchair

Born as an alternative to the popular Pixel Launcher previously mentioned, this App is available to customize completely free Android that is gradually positioned to be the best launcher for Android.

The main advantage of this application is that the it has been created in open code, so that anyone with sufficient knowledge can modify it at will. As if this were not enough, it also incorporates the integration with Google Discover, in addition to adaptive icons and backgrounds with a really impressive blur effect. Worth being admired and seen for a long time!

Download Launcher Lawnchair

N Launcher

Download N Launcher

Many people really do not like the style and design of Android 8.0 or higher. Fortunately, this does not have to be an impediment or problem, since there are launchers like N Launcher which perfectly emulates the whole appearance of Android 7.0.

It is a particularly new launcher that is constantly reinventing itself with each update, being one of the main options that appear when searching for the best launcher for Android on the internet. Functional, lightweight and easy to customize are the best words that describe this App that you have to download.

Download N Launcher

Flick launcher

Download Flick Launcher

Another free Launcher that will be very useful if you are looking for something really light and functional is the little known Flick Launcher, which has proven to be up to the rest of popular Android launchers of 2019.

For example, on a basic basis the Launcher has a theme of the Oreo theme type but with different, more illuminated details and different shades that combine with that theme.

The contrast that can be obtained when customizing your Android device in relation to the speed it provides is particularly impressive, providing features such as those that are well listed below:

  • Android 8.0 style notifications.
  • Shortcuts with icons in the applications.
  • Grids for desks.
  • Search engine bars with the most popular browsers such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • Gesture reader, such as sliding your fingers on the screen to open, activate or deactivate applications or mobile settings.
  • Folder lock with passwords.
  • Physical aspect totally inspired by Google Pixel Launcher.

Download Flick Launcher

CM Launcher

Download CM Launcher

One of the big problems that launchers have for Android is that the most popular and the ones that work best do not have much compatibility with the 3D format. However, this changes nicely with the CM Launcher application, which It has more than 10,000 3D themes so you can get more out of the device what do you have in your hands.

The animation effects that this theme handles are among the best you will find, leaving more than clear what is the best launcher of 2019. Even so, be a little careful since this is what can slow down your device.

Download CM Launcher

ADW Launcher 2

Download ADW Launcher 2

Last but not least, there is this option that you should consider if you want to download the best quality APK launcher. This is ADW Launcher 2, an application capable of changing the image of your device and customize it as much as you want, with dozens of different options so you can choose and make these adjustments.

This application has a lot of time in the market and is completely free, being also a very beautiful and striking application, perfect for the undecided in launcher applications!

Download ADW Launcher 2

Microsoft Launcher

Download Microsoft Launcher

Among the best Launcher of 2019 is Microsoft Launcher which is nothing more than a simple to use app that allows anyone to customize their mobile design regardless of their taste.

This Launcher is one of the best because it removes restricted access to the user of your phone, so that you can customize what you want in terms of the theme of your mobile.

Despite not being a default theme for Android phones, it is a very good option for anyone who wants to have a dramatic change in their mobile, in fact, It is free and you can use it without problem with phones higher than version 4.0.

Download Microsoft Launcher

Action Launcher

Download Action Launcher

This Launcher is one of the most sought after and in fact it is the best option you can take, as it retains the classic tones of the design of your Android device, but combines them with other themes to make it look attractive.

It allows freely design the topics you want to apply on the desktop, and also has different secrets and unique details, which no other Launcher manage to overcome.

Download Action Launcher

What are the Best Free Android Themes?

That is why we present the list with the best for your Android phone, since they are the most downloaded and valued of all this year, enjoy them since these are called premium themes and as a result they are the most demanded.

Sais Oreo Theme

Download Sais Oreo Theme

One of the best themes of the nineteenth century is the Sais Oreo Theme, because the truth is that it covers all the needs of elegance in the phone that anyone has.

The same is due to the fact that it has a black color base that gives that classic feeling to the phone, and that it also combines perfectly with any other tone of the applications and other icons on the screen.

Obviously this theme also focuses on the internal aspect of the menu of all the basic applications of the phone, such as settings, calls or messages, and transforms the background by changing it from any color to black.

Although equally This theme has several extra shades for the conformity of the base black color, they usually go to the main part of the page or place where the user is located and can be blue, pink or violet.

Do you want anything else? Well then you should know that this android theme is free, so you can download it without any problem or concern that affects the budget.

Download Sais Oreo Theme

Galaxy S9 theme

Download Galaxy S9 theme

This launcher is considered by many the best theme for Android of 2019, it is suitable for a large number of phones, but with whom it has better acceptance quality by its coding is with the Samsung brand.

This theme is spectacular, because it is classic, it has shades of different colors and also gives the public a highly attractive design, which it makes anyone feel as if they were using the most advanced phone in the world.

Download Galaxy S9 theme

The best themes for Samsung 2019

It is also explained that this issue is one of the safest in the world, especially if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, because its compatibility is so ideal that it is impossible for the mobile to be infected with any digital virus in its use.

There are many themes, but one of the best ones for the Samsung cell phone is found in the following video:

Best themes for Android 3D

3D Next Tech 2 Plus Launcher

Download 3D Next Tech 2 Plus Launcher

This is one of the best themes for Android 3D, although it is a bit basic since it is a custom design by free users of the Play Store. They created it so that its main purpose was to promote the sensation of advanced technology.

3D Next Tech shows you a world in which you can transfer your applications by finger and freely choose which one you want to open or use, literally speaking, and in addition its coding is very simple, which allows you to go very fast on the mobile.

Best of all, this theme is free., and can be easily obtained in the Play Store and if you wish, even in google online stores.

However, it is recommended to use it mainly on Samsung branded devices, but especially, it is designated as one of the best themes for a Huawei Android.

Download 3D Next Tech 2 Plus Launcher

3D Glass Tech Apple IOS 13 Theme

Download 3D Glass Tech Apple IOS 13 Theme

Finally, you should show a topic that has given much to talk about in the last year, and it is the Glass Tech design that is a bit basic, but it is also highly attractive.

This design freely transform the screen of any mobile in a 3D world, where you can see the different sections of the screen at the same time thanks to the technology of the third dimension.

In addition, customize applications to make them look much more attractive and fit perfectly with the main design of the mobile, the latter is excellent because it gives that touch of fun and beauty to the phone.

Best of all, is that this It is one of the few free Android themes which can be found both in the play store, as in any other google online store and other internet search engines.

Download 3D Glass Tech Apple IOS 13 Theme

So you can stop searching the internet for things like applications to personalize my cell phone. You already have more than one excellent option to choose from!

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