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The new of the Anker Innovations group at IFA 2019

You may know the Anker firm for its cables and its external batteries, but it is much more than that. The Anker Innovations group consists of several brands that we have been able to know, as well as their novelties of this year, at IFA 2019. After finding, first, and then touring the stand From Anker Innovations, we can highlight several products, from some simpler ones, such as a new external battery, to more sophisticated ones, such as a new mini projector with a beautiful design and great portability.

news anker innovations ifa 2019Estefania Oliver / DTES

Thus, for those who are tired of running out of battery in their PC or laptop, Anker has created the external PowerCore + 26800 Power Delivery 45W battery with nothing more and no less than 26,800 mAh, so you can charge a computer without problems, in addition of the phone or tablet. Coming soon to Spain, as sources of the firm have told us.

On the other hand, and by the hand of Soundcore, Anker Innovations wants athletes to enjoy the best music or podcasts while practicing their favorite sport. Therefore, it has launched the new line of headphones / headphones Spirit: Spirit X2 and Spirit Dot 2. According to the company, they provide a great fit and comfort. In addition, the Spirit X2 model offers 9 hours of operation on a single charge and two hours of playback with only 5 minutes of charging.

But, for those looking for another type of headphones more for daily use, Soundcore also has another product to add to its catalog shortly. These are the Life Note headphones – with a design similar to the AirPods – that bring four microphones with noise cancellation inside, as well as 40 hours of playback.

It is expected that these new headphones will arrive in Spain in November and the United States on September 25.

news anker innovations ifa 2019 edfEstefania Oliver / DTES

And, as for the smart home that we are all beginning to build little by little with the new tencologists that go on the market, Anker Innovations offers us the robot vacuum cleaner RoboVac L70 Hybrid of his firm Eufy and the portable mini-projector Apollo de Nebula.

The robot vacuum cleaner sucks and scrubs and makes a real-time mapping of the house, while the projector comes with a fairly small size, so it is light and ideal to see our favorite movies and series anywhere, whether we Let's go to some friends house. In addition, it has 200 ANSI lmenes and comes with the Android 7.1 system to enjoy streaming content from Netflix and other apps and platforms. It has more than 4 hours of autonomy.

The projector will be available at the end of October in Spain and will be given, commercially speaking, a greater focus in Europe than in the US, according to the same sources.

The robot vacuum cleaner of Eufy is now available in the US and arrive in Europe at the end of September 2019.

news anker innovations ifa 2019 edfEstefania Oliver / DTES

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