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The most recommended Amazon cases for the Samsung Galaxy A50 (2019)

There is no doubt that Samsung's Galaxy A range is one of the most interesting in terms of price / quality. And the line has a good number of members; this time, the article will be starring Samsung Galaxy A50, or rather, by covers that we can (or should) connect to the terminal.

Because although the device has a pretty attractive design, after all, security ends up succumbing, confining the device in a housing to protect it from falls and other accidents. In this post we summarize the most interesting covers of Amazon.

Cases for Samsung Galaxy A50 with great quality / price ratio at Amazon


It doesn't have much mystery: The classic transparent silicone case that is flexible; to highlight its 0.3mm flange in the hollow of the rear cameras to protect them. The grace of this model is that includes a screen protector so that the terminal is covered both by the back and the front. So, do not collect scratches on your huge panel.

A good combination at a more than interesting price, because in the same Amazon and for a higher price we find silicone cases that come without this gift.


You don't like transparent cases because they turn yellow over time? Then the solution involves acquiring a silicone case, but of colour. But what color to choose? Well everyone. This pack includes 9 covers for practically the price of 1.

The edges also have a small elevation to absorb the shocks that the terminal can take, both in the part of the camera and in the front of it.


This type of covers never goes out of style since they are tremendously useful. On the one hand, it protects the terminal in front and behind with its top, which remains closed thanks to its imn. When we open it, we find a cardholder / wallet that we can take advantage of as a portfolio.

And if that were not enough, the lid can be turned around to become a support, making the Galaxy A50 stand horizontally (to watch videos on a table without having to hold the phone, for example). It is also available in 3 colors.


For those fans of Micky and Minnie Mouse, this official case will be irresistible. It is a housing of transparent silicone but that includes a nice drawing of both Disney icons about to kiss.

This romantic cover features official Disney license.


For those who are not interested in covers with covers or silicone covers, this case is a certainly interesting alternative. Is built in rigid plastic and has a unique design of ink texture.

Additionally, in the same Amazon file it is available another model of the same brand but in blue color.

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These are, for us, the most interesting cases we can find on Amazon right now; some seem very attractive, but when reading the opinions of the buyers they either seemed written by bots (or suspicious reviews) or they did not finish recommending them.

Of course, Samsung officials are also on sale in their stores, which are undoubtedly a success in terms of quality, although their price is usually much higher.

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