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The Google Search application starts using dark mode

We already know that Android 10 will have by default the possibility of activating the dark mode or night mode in all the terminals that use it. This interface is an evolution that has begun to be tested on Android 9 Pie.

So, Google is updating all its applications to integrate the dark mode so that when the final version of Android 10 Q is released in the second half of the year the visual inconsistencies are minimal.

The latest application from the creator of Android that has begun to be tested with dark tones is Google Search, the app itself that serves as access to the mobile search engine.

There are still things to polish

As we see in the first image, the new tones of the Google Search interface, including the search widget that is on all phones, are darker. In addition there are some visual inconsistencies such as black elements on gray backgrounds.

This is normal since the version of Google Search in which it is being tested is not a final version, but a beta, the 9.88 that you can access through the Play Store test program or through this APK. It is possible that despite having this version you do not see the interface or activating the dark mode since Google is enabling the new function on the server side, so those who want to see it may have to wait a bit.

There are also failures to not integrate the Discover the dark mode when we have already seen other versions that have used it.

If we do a search we will see that the general interface is obscure but the results of that search show with a white background, something incoherent. This changes if we go to the personal section, but even there we have clear elements.

It shows that Google is still working on a previous version of this app but we are glad that there are already steps in this direction, because it means that there is enough time to have the final versions ready in August, at which time it is expected to be announced the final version of Android 10.

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