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The Google Play Store tells us what apps we don't use to delete them

Mobile phones have become the Swiss army knife of the 21st century. We do everything with them, usually through applications. This implies that we need more and more space to store them, which explains why mobile phones have more and more memory.

Despite that there are still many models with 16 GB of memory or less, or even with more but whose users squeeze the most.

Google has begun to issue a new type of notifications through the Google Play Store, its app store, to warn that we can delete apps to free up space.

Deleting apps we don't use

One thing that happens to many is that sometimes we install an app or a game and after a short time we do not use it again, but it stays in the mobile occupying space.

Google knows this and has decided to let us know about it. Thanks to these new notifications, the system will tell us that there are some applications that we have not used for a long time and that we may want to eliminate to free up space.

If we click on the notification, a window of the Google Play Store will open in which applications will appear that have not been opened for a long time. In fact, it shows us both what it occupies and the time that has passed since we last used it, so that we can decide whether or not to compensate it.

Maybe it is an app like those of the airlines that we use little but we want to have on the mobile, but maybe it is one that we did not even remember having installed. As we select applications in the lower area, in a gray section, it will appear total space is memory that we are going to freer when we uninstall them.

And if that is not enough we advise you to use webapps in services such as Facebook or Instagram.

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