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The Google Pixel 4 shows all its details in two new videos

Pixel 4

Less and less is left for Google to officially present the new Google Pixel 4, a smart phone that, recently, was seen in a filtered image with the screen on and Android 10. With the passage of time they have been offering more details of the device, such as having advanced facial recognition and gesture control thanks to Soli. Now a new leaked video has shown again the full aspect of Google Pixel 4.

As usually happens when you approach the launch of a smart phone, the rumors and leaks do not cease in their efforts to reveal all the details of it early. The case of the Pixel 4 is no different, since a new video has shown the full look of the new smartphone from the Mountain View company. It was the Facebook account of Halo Mobile who shared this new video in which the Google Pixel 4 is shown in full, where it is revealed, for example, how thick are your bezels.

A video reveals all the details of the expected Google Pixel 4

No notch No punch hole.Kumpul duit now or tukar model?

Posted by Halo Mobile on Thursday, September 5, 2019

The video has a short duration so that so little can be entered in depth in the characteristics of the terminal, although, yes, it offers the best direct appearance to date of Pixel 4. In this video you can see a clear bevel line around much of the screen, in addition to a thicker one at the top, where the facial recognition and gesture sensors.

The video also reveals a smart phone with thick sides with a more adherent matte texture in the back area of ​​the device. A different feature compared to the previous generations of Pixel, which are completely covered with glass. But it is not the only video that has come to light in recent hours on the expected Google smartphone, since through Weibo it has also been shown a Pixel 4 in white.

A new video, also of short duration, with which you can see the appearance of the white version of the expected Google Pixel 4. In addition, it also offers a better idea of ​​the thickness of the bezels of the device and that, in this variant of color, be include black sides and an orange power button.

Another novelty that can be seen in this video is the possibility that Google will finally incorporate a voice recorder application, since an unknown red wave-shaped icon is clearly visible. The new Google Pixel 4 is expected to arrive on the market next October, so be aware of any information about one of the smartphones most expected of the year.

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