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The Galaxy Fold will launch on September 27 to the market

Galaxy Fold

Samsung confirmed this summer that the Galaxy Fold would finally reach stores starting in September. Although the Korean brand did not give us more clues about this release, so it was not known very well when could we wait for this foldable phone. The alleged release date in South Korea was recently revealed. But for the rest of the world we would have to wait a little longer, until the end of the month.

Since new information has revealed what would be the launch date of the Galaxy Fold. As it was rumored a couple of weeks ago, it will be at the end of this September when it goes on sale. A launch that has been waiting for several months.

In this case it is Evan Blass, one of the best known filters, who reveals the release date. As he says, the Galaxy Fold is going to launch on September 27 officially. So in about three weeks you could buy the first Samsung folding phone on the market.


Various media They point out that two versions of the phone are going to be launched. One of the differences would be internal storage, since one would have less space, so it would be somewhat cheaper. But these rumors have not been confirmed so far officially.

The Galaxy Fold has undergone several changes these months, that have made its launch possible. We already tell you what are the changes that the Korean manufacturer has introduced in this model. So we can expect that the phone will fulfill well now and there will be no problems again.

Without a doubt, a launch of importance in the market. Since this Galaxy Fold It is one of the most anticipated models this year. The various problems suffered have caused it to be delayed for about five months, but it seems that everything is finally ready for the market to launch.

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