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The five most top covers for your Samsung Galaxy A40

You have acquired a Samsung Galaxy A40 and you're looking for covers that protect you, right? Today the materials of the smartphones tend to be more resistant, especially the screens, but depending on how each one is, the body of the device alone may not be enough. Hence, the first complement that we buy from our mobile is a case.

On this occasion, we will list a series of covers for Samsung Galaxy A40 (2019), one of Samsung's best sellers during this year and that, indeed, is worth preserving as the first day.

Selection of the best covers for the Samsung Galaxy A40 (2019) on Amazon

The silicone tpica

6 colored TPU cases for Samsung Galaxy A40 6 colored TPU cases for Samsung Galaxy A40

  • (Compatible Model) – Samsung Galaxy A40
  • (1 Order 6 Colors) – This article contains 6 covers of different colors. You can use different colored covers for your phone every day. Or you can give it to your friends as a gift.
  • (High Quality Material) – It is made of Superior Silicone, and is soft and flexible. It can protect your phone from scratches and bumps.
  • (Minimalist Style) – Solid color design, simple but noble. It makes your phone more elegant.
  • (Better Grip) – Its thin and light design will never make your phone look bulky, and its smooth and smooth surface can give you the best hand feeling.

One of the most classic covers is the typical silicone. Eye, here in ActualApp we are quite against the transparent rubber case since a few months later it turns yellowish, so we prefer bet on the colored ones, which better tolerate the passage of time (or hide it better).

In Amazon you will find these. They do not stand out in anything except their cheerful colors and limited thickness (only 2mm) so that your terminal does not grow too much.

The good news? What for its price 6 colors available included. S, 6 covers, to release one every day.

Elegant case with stand and cover

This case for the Samsung Galaxy A40 is an imitation of the «Mirror» case of Samsung itself at a cheaper price. It stands out for its front cover, which is translucent and reveals the clock and other elements of the Always on from the screen.

In addition to its shape we can fold the lid and make the smartphone stand horizontally, perfect for those users who watch a lot of video content and don't want to be holding the mobile.

Then, the back is covered in TPU material with the reinforced corners To avoid major tragedies.

Wallet case

Surely you will have seen that many young people take advantage of the back hollow of their cover to save some ID cards, public transport and even some ticket. To make it less shabby, perhaps this alternative with leather imitation is worth it.

This case has a lid that in turn hides a small slot to save all these tems. If you are one of those with a couple of cards, you can leave your wallet at home and save yourself a hole in your pocket.

In addition, it is available in Various colors.

Wallet case, but cloth

If you prefer a touch more to wear and also have a lid and wallet, perhaps you are facing the most interesting alternative. It also has magnetic closure so that the cover is well attached to the terminal screen, preventing the wallet cards from coming out.

As you expect, you can also use as a stand to arrange the phone horizontally and so keep it on a table or surface while watching videos. On the other hand, typical of this type of covers, the thickness of the mobile grows substantially.

The case that protects your mobile

Robust anti-shock case with ring for Samsung Galaxy A40 Robust anti-shock case with ring for Samsung Galaxy A40

  • (Compatibility) Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A40.
  • (Double protection): The combined desire of rigid PC and soft TPU silicone to protect your phone from shock and provide double protection.
  • (Magnetic adsorption): 360 degree rotating ring kickstand. You can attract it to a magnetic mount bracket (the magnetic car mount is not included), it does not require complex installation steps, direct adsorption.
  • (Screen and camera protection): The raised frame helps protect the screen and camera from tables and other surfaces.
  • (Satisfaction guarantee): If you have any questions, please contact us in a timely manner. We will try our best to provide the best service. We offer a 30-day, 180-day reimbursement service.

If you don't mind sacrificing the smartphone design for such protect it to the fullest, then this is your case. Perhaps rather it is designed for environments where the terminal may suffer more accidents or falls.

This case also includes a tempered glass and two layers of back protection; on the one hand, a TPU case and on the other, a rigid plastic housing. Also includes a magnetic tabletin the center to be able to couple it on metal surfaces and a ring with which to keep the smartphone standing horizontally

So it not only protects the device at a higher level, but also includes a large part of the features of the other cases.

The elegant, thin and resistant case

Unlike the previous one, if the design for you is important and you do not want to compromise it too much, and the gel cases are not very funny, few alternatives are beyond this case.

It is a housing of hard, thin plastic with an anti-fingerprint layer. It also protects the cameras with a small 0.3mm protrusion, enough so that the lens glass does not touch the surface where we support the terminal.

Extra: The funniest Samsung Galaxy A40 covers

Apart from protection, the covers also serve to give your smartphone personality, which therefore reflects a bit of that of its owners.

If you are one of those who carry exaggerated cases or simply with fun touches, we leave you a small collection with covers for the Samsung Galaxy A40 below.

Covers with prints

Up here you have a cover with a floral print, more specifically of sunflowers, one of the most fashionable plants lately. However, if you click on the link you will discover that the seller has many different prints -that have nothing to do with sunflowers-.

Or if you prefer something cooler for the summer, a series of sandas They never look bad on the back of a mobile. As in the previous case, if you enter the Amazon tab you will see many more designs to choose.

Cases with drawings

With the return of King Len to the cinema and to our lives, what better time to wear a cover of Simba and Nala? In addition, the store that sells them is the well-known «The Carcass Store» that now also operates through Amazon.

Some fan of unicorns in the living room? The truth is that these types of cases are somewhat spectacular, but have a great acceptance among a certain sector of the public. Proof of this is that the different models that are for sale on the same Amazon tab they are already sold out.

Toy Story Samsung Galaxy A40 case. Case with The Silhouettes of the Toy Story Characters, a Case with Official Disney License to Protect your Samsung from scratches and bumps. Toy Story Samsung Galaxy A40 case. Case with The Silhouettes of the Toy Story Characters, a Case with Official Disney License to Protect your Samsung from scratches and bumps.

  • 📱 Toy Story Samsung Galaxy A40 case. Protect your mobile with your favorite Toy Story characters. Transparent, flexible and resistant silicone case for Samsung with Official Disney License
  • Exclusive design: The Disney identity stamp in a Samsung case unmatched with all the essence of the brand. Its transparent composition makes contrasting the drawing on the metallic colors of the phone, highlighting the figures in a spectacular way.
  • Sent from Spain with the Garanta of Casa de las Carcasas, a leading company in the market of Mobile Phone Cases and Accessories
  • Ajuste Maximum fit and protection: Its shape fits the different sizes and models of Samsung millimeter so that the phone does not gain in size or thickness in your roll.
  • Total lightness and manufactured with high quality materials: Its weight of less than 50 grams will make you practically not even notice the change. Protect your mobile without losing comfort or manageability.

You are not so much of King Len, but of Toy story? You will not run out of cover, no. In this case, his style reminds us to the typical album consisting of stickers or stickers That will certainly take you to a little bit in what everything was easier.

Vogu'SaNa A40 - Synthetic Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy A40, with Cover, Lectern function, Girl design Vogu'SaNa A40 – Synthetic Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy A40, with Cover, Lectern function, Girl design

  • Compatible with: protective case for Samsung Galaxy A40 (5.9 inches) 2019.
  • Nice design: multicolored leather case with floral pattern, butterflies, owl, panda, dog, romantic and stylish motif patterns as a jewel or a gift for fashionistas. Attract all eyes.
  • Strong protection function: the full-coverage shock absorber offers ideal protection against falls, scratches, bumps and danger of slipping from the hand. Through the screen and the edge the direct impact is avoided and the screen is protected.
  • Practical design: this book-style folding case is the perfect combination of protective case and wallet with card slots and magnetic closure. Support function: the lectern function with an integrated support is very easy to watch hands-free videos.
  • High quality material: interior (soft TPU silicone back cover) and exterior (durable polyurethane leather case) guarantees the good quality of the products.

This cover to bring brings up to ballpoint pen. Not only the panda of the housing draw the attention of those around you, but also has room to include bills taking advantage of the fold between the lid and the back cover.

Holsters with phrases

Funnytech Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy A40 (Flexible Silicone Gel, Exclusive Design) Phrase No sere Vers. Transparent Funnytech Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy A40 (Flexible Silicone Gel, Exclusive Design) Phrase No sere Vers. Transparent

  • (High definition printing) High definition printing with very bright colors, very aesthetic finish. The designs are exclusive to our brand
  • (Perfect fit-access buttons) Case designed to fit your mobile in a millimeter way. Includes holes for access to buttons and camera
  • (Made of high quality silicone) We use the best materials to achieve a transparent case with a glossy finish. Treatment for reducing fingerprints and avoiding yellowing
  • (Mini-dots to prevent stains of void) Cover includes almost imperceptible mini-dots to avoid stains that are formed by the vacuum of the case with the mobile
  • (Slim-1.5mm thick design) Thick enough to protect your mobile with guarantees, without altering its aesthetics

Yes in your Instagram you hang photos with philosophical cow phrases, why not also take them in your case? Between humor and recreation, this case reminds you that although you are not perfect, it is not that bad.

Finally, a perfect choice to give to that friend who always falls asleep before leaving somewhere.

With what case for the Samsung Galaxy A40 do you stay? Do you have any completely different from the ones we have included in this post? You can leave your comments below.

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