The best way to have Facebook without its worst inconveniences

The best way to have Facebook without its worst inconveniences

Is not that Facebook It is the most popular application of the moment since the service accumulates a huge amount of criticism related to your privacy. Now, it will always be a good space to contact former friends and have a conversation with those who continue to use the network, which are many. If you are one of those who saves Facebook among their favorite apps we recommend a modified version what will you like.

The developer keeps a thread in XDA Developers with a modified version of the Facebook application. This modification is moving towards offering a clean experience without artifice, as was Facebook before they got in the way suggestions from friends, stories, companies… Anyway, the version "de-bullshified" or without "social garbage" to which you have access through the Apk is very worthwhile.

The version of Facebook that we are talking about is constantly updated, so it is being renewed to adapt to the requirements of Facebook. And just today evilwombat has published a new version: it is ready for you to give it a try.

This is how Facebook should be: cleaner, user-centric, without artificial additions

The best way to have Facebook without its worst inconveniences

Do not expect a minimal and blocked version of Facebook or with the integrated Messenger: it is not the purpose of this modification. Even so, It is faster than the full version and also somewhat lighter: 52.15 MB against 53.8. It's not much; and in the long run it will be making the same cache as official Facebook, one of the main problems of the application on Android.

How to install this cleaner and modified version? You just have to do the following:

  • Remove all the apps you have installed from Facebook. The official app, Facebook Lite … also Messenger.
  • Download the Apk from this link to Android Filehost. The file is secure, but it is not signed by Facebook as it is a modification.
  • Install the Apk like any other file of this type: give access permission to unknown sources and run the download.
  • Log in with your Facebook account and enjoy a cleaner experience on the social network.

The application hides a multitude of elements, such as stories, all kinds of suggestions or invitations; leaving a much cleaner wall and focused on the contacts you follow.

Although the app is a modification Facebook the company will continue to receive your usage data, you must take it into account. In addition, you will have to update the application from this XDA Developers thread: check it frequently to check if evilwombat You have uploaded a new update.