the best MMO set in space

the best MMO set in space

EVE Echoes is the continuation of the best MMO set in space of the story: EVE Online. A full-fledged sandbox in which you can experience on your mobile what has been EVE Online.

Get ready to explore more than 8,000 solar systems, more than 100 unique spaceships, enter directly into a large community of players and explore the vast universe with your ship to play all kinds of roles.

A space-based sandbox MMO


At the moment the beta has been launched in advance in the Google Play Store. That is, you can download the game, launch it, but will ask you for the code that the company has to send you if you have previously registered from your form page. You can do it right now from their website. You will have to have a little patience and wait for it to be sent to you.

How are they left more than 120 days for its official launch, let's take a look at all that vast universe that awaits you and in which almost the possibilities are unlimited. The best thing about EVE Echoes is to be an “next-gen” MMO mobile that is based on the design principles of EVE Online. That is, they have not transformed it to be a freemium, but to bring the MMO experience to your mobile.

As they indicate:

Eve Echoes is a “next-gen” mobile MMO passed on EVE Online and that will come to Android and iOS. In EVE Echoes, players can forge their own path to glory through a massive sandbox environment and forge alliances with other pilots throughout the galaxy to shape the persistent universe. Players will be able to directly enter interstellar fighting, resource collection, industrial manufacturing, commerce, exploration and like other activities through the thousands of planetary systems.

A very multiplayer sandbox


If EVE Online has already been one of those MMOs in which communication with others, alliances and clans, and even with traitors, it was essential, now with EVE Echoes, and using all the communication skills that a smartphone gives, the experience that can be given can be simply incredible.

In fact, in the form for Entering the alpha requires a good hardware terminal, and for that you are forced to enter which terminal you are going to use. This means that it will be a game that will need resources to move around space and offer you a magnificent gaming experience.

So we can intuit the EVE Echoes trailer, the thing looks more than good for the players looking for authentic gaming experiences; something similar to what happens today with Fortnite or PUBG Mobile.

The EVE Echoes gameplay

There you can see a bit of the EVE Echoes gameplay. To say that we are not facing an arcade game in essence where we can wait for those anthological moments to Star Wars. Yes, he has combat, but his base and game is in everything you can do.

That strategic component in the fighting, the strategy at the time of interstellar battles between fleets of ships, knowing how to trade to get really rich or become a bounty hunter. The excellence of EVE Online always started from what created the community of players, since the game itself is the basis for players to go one way or another.

Now We just wait to receive a code and very soon to be able to tell you in first person what EVE Echoes will be. A game that you will play for months, you will meet many players and in which you can become what you want. If you want to have it already installed, you already have early access from Google Play below. We really want to play it now, so be patient.

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