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The best covers for the Samsung Galaxy A80 (2019)

The manufacturers of cases every time have it more difficult with the designs of the last smartphones, proof of this is the Samsung Galaxy A80. This terminal has a rotating camera that acts as a rear and front camera, obtaining the same quality for both your selfies and your photos. Now, to protect this curious mechanism, your thing is to acquire a housing that protects it properly.

On this occasion, we bring you a selection of covers that you can buy through Amazon so that you have them quickly with you before a misfortune occurs.

Cases for Samsung Galaxy A80 (2019) of all kinds

The silicone case with tempered glass

This product offers you protection 2 in 1 since it doesn't only include one tpu case rear, but also comes with a It also protects the huge screen.

It should be noted that this case has a cut at the top so that the camera can rotate without any impediment. Of course, the upper corners are protected equally as the cover covers the entire metal frame.

Moreover, the manufacturer ensures that over time it does not turn yellowish like the rest. We, for our part, neither confirm nor deny for the moment.

The cover with cover, wallet and support

This case is one of those greater protection gives the Samsung Galaxy A80 as the screen is saved by a top, which in turn acts as wallet. And it includes some slots to incorporate our cards and money; It depends on what you usually wear, you can forget your wallet at home and everything.

Then, the cover can be folded in such a way that it becomes a stand to keep the phone horizontal, perfect for watching videos without having to hold it.

The external material is of synthetic leather (available in several colors) while the cover on which the body of the terminal is embedded is silicone.

The rigid non-slip material cover

The Samsung Galaxy A80 is big and you might get out of hand. This case is made of rigid plastic and presents a design certainly Elegant, in addition to fine; does not add too much thickness to the terminal. What it brings is ergonomics since the material is anti-slip.

This also has a hole in the upper area so that the camera can work, but we have set and She is the only one of her style who does not abandon her upper corners, wrapping them all over the frame to absorb their blows.

In addition, it is available in different colors to combine the best possible with the design of your phone. And if that weren't enough, inside it includes a metal plate so you can use the magnetized support in a car.

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As we said before, manufacturers increasingly have to engineer them so that their covers are compatible with the phones and that makes the range of options is not too wide.

From what we have been checking, the Samsung Galaxy A80 does not have many better cases on Amazon, beyond the official ones that Samsung sells (which are also much more expensive); These from above are the ones we recommend above the others.

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