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The beginning of a new stage in the operating system

Android 10

A few days ago it was confirmed that Google would stop using dessert names in the names of the operating system. Therefore, Android Q became simply Android 10. A change of importance, after many months of rumors about the name that this new version of the operating system was going to have. Even the company acknowledged not having a chosen name.

Finally it has opted for a change of strategy in this sense. Android 10 is the farewell of the names of desserts and the beginning of a new stage for the company. It may sound like something with little meaning, but this name change represents more than many think.

The name change has been a surprise to many users. Google had said nothing, but the reality is that the company has a few compelling reasons why it leaves us with a name change. Therefore, we review some important aspects in this regard.

Goodbye to dessert names

Android dessert names

Since your beginnings, since version 1.5, Dessert names have been used in the operating system. Over the years we have met Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwitch, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Pie. They are all the versions that have used these dessert names so far over the years. Some of them legendary for many users.

This year Google was facing numerous problems. On the one hand, the difficulty of finding desserts that begin with the letter Q, which in English are something that barely exists. In addition, the doubt about what system to use once the entire alphabet had been covered It was another detail that raised doubts. Therefore, for the company it was time for a change, which has resulted in the use of Android 10 as the final name of the operating system.

A name that for some is more boring, loses some color and joy, but that represents very well the beginning of a new phase for Android. Many see that Android 10 is the first step in the maturity of the operating system, has finally become an adult. After more than ten years in the market, this moment has finally arrived in the operating system.

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Android 10: A simpler system

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<p>On the other hand, this new system that Google will use from now on <strong>it's easier for users</strong>. Dessert names, while original and maybe funny, were confusing. The normal thing is that a version is known by the number that comes with it. Therefore, these names meant that for some people it was not clear which version they were talking about. Android 10 changes this. This will tell you which version you are talking about or which version you will receive when an update arrives.</p>
<p>It is known immediately what version of the operating system is the one that is received or that is being talked about. In addition, it allows the updates to be clearer, since a number will simply be used to refer to them. So Google has opted for <strong>use a system like the one Apple has been using on iOS for years</strong>, which is used with numbers. A bet that is simpler, comfortable and avoids many confusion or doubts among consumers. Simplicity now becomes one of the company's great allies with the arrival of Android 10 to the market.</p>
<p>In addition, many see that the name Android 10 makes sense, seeing <strong>the growth and changes that the operating system</strong> It has been incorporated over the years. It has been known to establish in the market, has millions of users and is somewhat more mature. Therefore, the name must also be consistent with the phase and state of the operating system at all times. This is something that from now on is better represented by the company.</p>
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