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The 5 most anticipated changes of Huawei – Video

It is definitive. Juan has to face a lot of negative situations again. That the company was beaten badly by its own president has confirmed that it will cost him nothing more and nothing less than to lift his head.
Until the two thousand twenty-one earthquake of sodi.
Exiled in Spain, we analyze the most expected changes from Powell.
After the veto of the United States and especially how they can affect the win first.
Let's stop this moment a reminder.
But in the event subscribe and activate the great wand because the Spanish film shows get hotter and hotter and we had another dramatic exhausted five because they are honest.
You are what I like the most.
Well, very well in the fifth position, they are expecting the company to have an evolution.
Slower so far we all knew that Juan Luis and will surprise us with something.
The event had the triple camera these last one down the thirty had four cameras and even reversible loading and that some we loved however the problem to negotiate and obtain some technologies.
They can make the company in the future suffer from innovation problems.
And I don't base because I don't want to do phone signals, of course, that's not the idea of ​​coahuila, but because possibly. The US veto closes many doors to do business.
In the fourth position we have one of the most serious problems for Juan today and in reducing his business.
The company already canceled the presentation of a new computer in the series told me that the truth of this was quite expected.
Because the windows also closed the doors at a given time and now began to lose the license for the installation of five G networks and in several countries around the world.
Of course they are on the United States side in this block or see what you want to call it.
Although as everything must be said, Juan Bueno has won a new ally in this battle and it is nothing more and nothing less than Rossi already makes friends Russia has given his support Bagwell and I am quite sure and this as a state of FaceBook and the United States has not You will like this.
The founder and president Juan Agero left her quite clear king.
It is in a country that is called recently said that the company faces problems up to two thousand twenty-one.
While the fine of six when the contraction of the storm left the entire world lived in the company to send forty percent less cell phones that friends and friends can be interpreted in many ways and one of them came judge basically. You will not be able to buy enough materials to make millions of dollars as you usually do and not to do much less so you might think that it is possible to listen to these.
That the Wii P forty game does not reach everyone and this of course is bad news.
For everyone and also that sound better also reduce their production.
I bonus the main changes that we hope to see Bagwell in the next few months attentive to these.
In how the company begins to give more priority on their cell phones to their art gallery store to the detriment of the Bogart est.
I left in the future and due to the veto of the United States the impossibility of doing business with an affected woman in a very important way.
He has played one of the changes.
What could be of the new lots to be the disappearance of the woman is.
That of course in the store that he had used so far because between no one to use it props Nike has always been in Juan Luis's cell phones eye not only are they already in Brazil will have the Google store just like the old ones but.
Possibly not those that are to come.
In fact reports indicate that the Guagua is already asking the developers.
That you incorporate into your applications in the abundance of it and reports also say that it was West, you will no longer be able to pre-install Pedro's applications in your future cell phones, although these may be in the brutal and well that is what we expect because this is all A roll and there is nothing confirmed yet.
And the biggest change so big and that it is in position number one is tired as one will be otherwise launching a new operating system for broadcaster to make sure Guagua and I also hope.
I left honor.
It is not clear at the moment when it will be launched but the truth is that phones like the played death of forty may accept fed up or is the man that Guagua was thinking around the world for his possible new software.
The company portion or is also patenting Hong twenty or is an eye with that is good successful in how Russian can not leave in the comments.
But the truth is that we do not want the operating system to reach the west, the version is considered necessary.
Barak and the east has been ETA five of the biggest changes we expect its ge-language and the future always throughout the United States remains.
Do not miss any comment that makes many more diagonal Fonda Pam scenes.

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